Today in Shell news: Unions join the anti-drilling movement and Bill Bryant is getting money from Shell supporters.
Today in Shell news: Unions join the anti-drilling movement and Bill Bryant is getting money from Shell supporters. Kelly O

THE MYSTERY OF IRMA VEP – A Penny Dreadful, playing Feb. 8-26 at Intiman Theatre
Laugh till it hurts at this outrageous camp comedy the NYTimes calls “Wickedly funny!”

Unions Are Joining the #ShellNo Movement: OPEIU 8, SEIU 6, UAW Local 4121, UFCW 21, UFW, and Pride at Work King County Chapter are listed on this statement opposing Arctic drilling and declaring "our support for a strong climate policy at the state, regional and national level to reduce our global warming pollution and ensure that as we reduce this pollution we do so with equitable transition at its core." We are now within the window of time when Shell may head north from Seattle toward the Arctic.

Surprise! Bill Bryant Is Getting Money from Executives of Companies Involved with Shell: The Seattle Times reports that Bryant has received $2,500 in campaign donations for his run for governor from the CEO of Foss Maritime, the company leasing Terminal 5 for Shell, and $1,500 from the chairman of Saltchuk Resources, "the maritime conglomerate that owns Foss." Sydney reported earlier this year on past shady campaign donations to the "Republican businessman with hair so nice that it looks like it came out of a frozen yogurt machine."

Seattle Community Police Commissioners Are Sick and Tired of Waiting for Mayor Ed Murray to Move the Ball on Police Reform: Ansel reports this morning on how, after promising a package of police reforms by March, the mayor failed to deliver. Now, the CPC is going directly to the city council with its own accountability proposals. "It's going to be up to me and the council to figure out," the council's public safety chair Bruce Harrell tells The Stranger. "And I accept. This is extremely time-sensitive, and because of that, we'll act accordingly."

Has the President of the Spokane Chapter of the NAACP Been Lying About Being Black? The parents of Rachel Dolezal, one of the Inland Northwest's most prominent civil rights activists, say she has been portraying herself as black since 2006 or 2007 despite actually being white. The family has given media outlets her birth certificate and photos they say show Dolezal as a child. Her parents also deny Dolezal's claims that she was born in a teepee and abused by her parents, and they say one of Dolezal's black sons is in fact her adopted brother.

When Asked About Her Race, Dolezal Has Said:That question is not as easy as it seems... We’re all from the African continent," and that she considers herself black and doesn't acknowledge her biological family. She has also claimed to be the victim of hate crimes, which are now being called into question. Not uncomfortable enough yet? Watch this:

And, here, just read all the tweets.

Gov. Jay Inslee declared the entire state in drought in May.
Governor Jay Inslee declared the entire state in drought in May. WASHINGTON DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY

"These Forests Are Tinder Bombs": So says the state's Department of Natural Resources, which worries Washington's lack of rain could mean severe fires on millions of acres of forest land.

Supreme Court Makes It Easier for Young Offenders to Seal Their Records: "Writing for the majority," the AP reports, "Supreme Court Justice Mary Yu said leaving juvenile records open to the public forever, except in limited circumstances, was inconsistent with the rehabilitation goals of the juvenile justice system."

Wondering if Seattle Police Have Fired Cynthia Whitlatch Yet? Nope.

The Seattle Department of Transportation went on re-enforcement patrols this week to reward drivers for good behavior.
The Seattle Department of Transportation went on "re-enforcement" patrols this week to reward drivers for good behavior. SDOT

Can We Use Treats to Get People to Follow Traffic Laws? Staff and volunteers from Pronto Cycle Share, Cascade Bicycle Club, and the Seattle Department of Transportation were on Second Avenue yesterday giving "opposite tickets: $5 Starbucks gift cards for following the law," reports Seattle Bike Blog.

Edge of the Circle Books Is Getting Kicked Out: "Remember Wednesday morning when you thought you heard that noise?" writes Rich Smith. "A sort of loud, piercing sound that snuffed your Nag Champa and cracked your amethyst crystals in half? Well, that wasn’t just the wind. It was the collective cry of a thousand Seattle-based witches, free witches, casual druids, and other practitioners of the light and dark arts, all simultaneously sensing the doors closing on the wonderfully weird Edge of the Circle Books." P.S. Rich is looking for real witches.

Medical Marijuana Is Legal in All Forms: Says the Supreme Court of Canada, ruling against that country's federal government, which had only allowed medical access to marijuana in its dried form.

It's the 10th Episode of Blabbermouth! Go listen!

Let's Count the Hilarious Nonsense Person-on-the-Street Statements in This KING 5 Non-Story: It's about "vandalism" on the viaduct—some brightly colored paint splattered on the road that caused no disruptions to traffic and which the city's department of transportation is just going to leave there because it doesn't matter at all. (In other words, the most damning news to hit the viaduct in years.) These are actual things "real people" said in this piece:
"Oh, that's awful."
"The cars would hit it and then spread it and [hand gesture]"
"People should use their brains for positive things rather than think up this kind of stuff."
"Bummer for the people who have it on their cars now and have to have their cars dealt with."
"I hate to see it happen. I would hate to be on the road if it happened to me. I'd immediately call my insurance company and see if I was covered."
"It could be an accident, could be vandalism. But since we've been having a lot more vandalism in our city, appears that way."
"It defaces our city, makes us not look very clean, and we are."