The Morning News: Unions Join #ShellNo, Police Reformers Bypass Mayor, Spokane NAACP President May Have Lied About Race


We are a clean people!
How about, "if someone wearing clothing the same color as the paint the city failed to clean up is hit by a car I guess their survivors can sue the city." Is that real news enough?
as long as she does a good job, I say she gets to be black! looking forward to mudede's post.
The good news is that she can now truthfully claim that she's been harshly treated due to her skin color.
Ms. Dolezal should be applauded for advocating for the rights of the transracial and those struggling with their racial identity. We've come so far as a society, should't it be obvious by now that race is more than the color of one's skin. As she says, "it a multi-layered issue."

Ms. Dolezal has given me strength to come out as transracial. For too long, I've felt trapped in the body of a caucasian male, all along knowing deep down that I identify as a coastal endogenous First Nations. I'm only know coming to grips with realizing that my love for coastal and aboriginal art was a cry for help.

I only hope I can muster the courage to take the next step, and feel as confident as Ms. Dolezal, and present myself to friends, family and co-workers as the person I truly am. - Guy on ST comments.
Freedom for Canada!

Orange Is The New Canada!
@6 technically race is meaningless
"We are all black Africans." - Charles Mudede
The Great Racial PigeonHoling (GRPH) is at hand! Next up: how many folks accepting Native American status (in association with tribal business interests) appear whiter than Donny Osmond?
Everyone is at liberty to write whatever sized check they want for whomever they want for whatever elected office. Complaining about it is pointless.
The more interesting part of the Dolezal story is that she probably fabricated a bunch of hate crime reports. This isn't so much a "race is a social construct" story as it is a "Rachel Dolezal is nuts" story.
If she claims to be a black person trapped in a white person's body, how can we possibly tell her she is not?

Race is a social construct just as much as gender is. If Chelsea Manning is a woman, Dolezal is black. Right? It has to apply to everyone if it applies to anyone...

The elements of her blackface/"black disguise" are, um, interesting.
Ridiculous, she's as African-American as Iggy Azelea.

Meanwhile, a corporate coup is going on but one would not know from reading the Stranger.
I have a question for The Stranger editors. Last year during the men's World Cup, there were daily posts, analysis, and even live slogging the games.

The women's World Cup has been going on for a week now (USA beat Australia 3-1 in their first game, and plays Sweden today), yet The Stranger has not even mentioned it in passing.

What exactly is the cause for the exclusion of all coverage for this important event in women's sports? It seems really fucking sexist, especially because women's soccer is so far superior to watching men play, as women actually play the game instead of constantly trying to cheat and lie their way to "victory."
And in other Slumming News, this happened right at my apartment complex. I saw the aftermath when I drove out at Finals halftime...

A 31-year-cold Kent resident was at the Somerset apartments and had left his vehicle running around 7 p.m. While he was out of his vehicle, a black male suspect got into the running vehicle and started to leave the complex. Seeing his vehicle being stolen, the victim tried to climb through the open passenger window.

The suspect then drove out of the complex and onto 109th Avenue, with the victim hanging out of the passenger window. Witnesses say it appeared the suspect was intentionally trying to get the victim out of the vehicle by swerving and hitting the curb.…
Fast Track blocked in the House:…

Happy Friday y'all
@17, as someone who is a huge fan of the USWNT and will be cheering them on Tuesday in Vancouver v. Nigeria, the women's world cup is just not the same spectacle as the men's world cup. Not much attention is paid to it, here and around the world, especially in the group stages. Why? Men's soccer is far, far more exciting to watch. Not because of sexism.
Dolezal is cool by me. I mean, she lives it walks it and talks for basically no appreciable gain. If she wants to live a "black lifestyle" (which I'm going to guess is shockingly similar to a "white lifestyle"), fight for civil rights, teach largely ignorant young white kids about the black and african-american experience at a university... well. We need more people like that. Especially in Spokane.

Also, I'm 99.9% sure her father is in a white supremacy cult.
I don't wanna be a fucked up middle class college student anymore…
@21, can a white girl truly understand 400 years of oppression by giving herself "black hair"?
@19 I am afraid it's only temporary since fast-track alone (without the aid to displaced workers tagged onto it by the senate) passed by a few votes in the house. I guess it gives another week to fight it but without some media coverage, I am not very optimistic. The Stranger/Slog appear to have had 2 posts about fast-track and the TPP; the last one in mid-April ...
@20: The subjective opinion that men's soccer is more fun to watch is not what I am talking about, and it irrelevant to my point.

For a paper which hates sports with a passion (the token Spike Friedman notwithstanding), but still breathlessly covered the men's World Cup, to pretend that the women's World Cup is not even happening is ridiculous. Not even a mention, a blurb in the daily news? Ludicrous.

If you like watching guys spend an entire game faking injuries and trying to draw penalties in order to win, that is fine, but the women's World Cup deserves at least a mention from such a self styled "progressive" rag like this one.
@24 I know exactly what you mean. The corporations are seizing control of our futures but it barely makes a blip on twitter too. Apparently there are more important matters like some white chick who pretends to be black.
@21 -- Apart from the issue of race as a lifestyle, Dolezal seems to have lied about the particulars of her own specific story and background. The idea that she's done this "for no appreciable gain" is also questionable, since her job revolves around an identity she's created for herself based on these lies. She has devoted her life to important causes and I'm sure she does good work, but the falsification is bizarre and somewhat disturbing.
@20 it is exactly about sexism.
@20 I'd argue that "excitement" is a social construct, so what's exciting to you may not be exciting to most other folks, and vice versa.

But skill is not - there are some teams that aren't developed enough at this world cup and are just brutal to watch. Even the mid-level teams (I'm looking at you, Canada v New Zealand) are really it just pops how non-elite these players are. There's a chicken and egg scenario here, since for most of the world this is the first generation of women that have been freely allowed to participate (as opposed to, say, the 3rd generation or so in America, and 2nd generation for most euro and some other countries)
@23 - She probably understands it as well as most black people. It ain't just the hair.

@27 - It's not like Chapter president is a cushy job. I'm not even sure if it's paid. Whatever she's doing, it speaks to her own internal needs - I don't see any exploitation going on.
@30, it's the ultimate white privilege. Knowing more about being black than black people.
Let me explain to you how this works: you see, the corporations finance America, and then America goes out... and the corporations sit there in their... in their corporation buildings, and... and, and see, they're all corporation-y... and they make money.
I'm not quite sure we're to the 'post-meaning' phase of identity politics just yet. But with shit like this we are certainly moving that direction.
Shell just won in Federal Court. DRILL IT!!

The Dolezal crime isn't appropriation, it's deception; but there's a nagging question: could it be said that her DNA is nobody's business? I don't know. But by responding 'everybody is from Africa', she made it painfully clear she's not qualified to lead a conversation about race.
@32 errr, I do believe there is a correlation between people not talking about fast-tracking of international agreements that undermine republican principles and the media giving it as little bandwidth as they can get away with.
@31 No one's claiming she knows "more" - although I would argue, she's probably in the top 1% and knows vastly more than most. She knows enough. Given that this seems to be more than "a phase" and she has essentially lived her entire adult life immersed in 'blackness', I'm satisfied she knows more than you or me [i'm black, but light skinned, many people think i'm brazilian or jewish or something else]. At the end of the day, what do we really want? There's no evidence that Dolezal is "slumming" like so many hipsters living in "authentic urban neighborhoods" or making sure you acknowledge their black cred by wearing #blacklivesmatter pins while simultaneously serving as the engine of gentrification, displacement, and demonizing the service and blue-collar type jobs that so many african americans have. Fuck THOSE kids (and the 30 and 40-something adolescents). Dolezal is a kook, but at least she's living it earnestly.
@35 phew, I was worried you wouldn't get your astroturfing payment this week.
@38, I can't argue with any of that.

Just for shits and giggles, and because it is pretty curious, here are two screenies from her FB page. Gold. Solid, fucking, gold.

@21 ...Hey Fetish, seeing how you are so sure (99.9%) that Rachel's father belongs to a white supremest group how do you explain the fact that he and his wife adopted black children?
@38 I would take the position that she is anything but earnest. I was wrestling with this a bit- trying to take the position of "what's the harm?" But that kinda leads to the concept of historical trauma, opportunities for African American voices to be heard, etc. The cynic in me wants to just start telling kids to check whatever box will give them an advantage. "Who cares if you grew up with all the middle class white privilege.... that scholarship designed for African American kids is fair game." And I guess just go ahead and make with the 'blackface' of permed hair and self-tanner?
@40 -- Those screen caps really are something. I don't what to think of this. It's both sad and kind of scary.
@41 0.1%
@38 you are going to compare a white lady who volunteers for an unpaid job and fights for civil rights with a white college kid who lies to get college scholarships??
I was actually @ 42, and yes, I would. Not concerned about her role w/ NAACP (which may or may not be paid, but does come w/ lots of perks). More concerned with her having taken opportunities for minority voices, which to me reads pretty much the same as any other lie or theft of an opportunity. Also the long list of other lies and deception speak pretty poorly for her character. The NAACP has struggled for relevance for a while now, and in many parts of the country has not bounced back from the dust-up in the black community around their support for gay marriage. This does a boatload of harm to struggling institution.
@44: She went to Howard on a full ride scholarship, claiming to be AA. While Howard accepts white students & gives them scholarships at times, we'll never know how her deception impacted her educational opportunities.