I helped Josh transfer Teenage Machine Age from cassette to cd. It was super fun to hang out with him and hear about his early years growing up and making music.
I didn't like the tone you took with Cliff Mass. You need to challenge him on the science if you disagree with him. I'm glad he didn't answer your last question. Media manipulation is not a scientist's primary job. You're conclusion seemed to be 1) people are too stupid to understand ALL of the science 2) scientists should overlook conflicting data that doesn't adhere to your beliefs and 3) we should turn a blind eye to businesses (shellfish) who exploit climate change fear for their own benefit and damage the environment in other ways.
That sounds like the something coming from people on the wrong side of the climate change issue.
I found doing this interview disconcerting. Sydney and Eli do not seem to think that the role of scientists is to provide the community with objective information, with which the political system will determine the course of action. Rather, they believe scientists such as myself should actively suppress facts showing more moderate climate change and not challenge errors by those seeking to hype climate change in the hope of getting "the proper response" by society. This is the kind of logic that got us into Iraq. Sydney, in this interview and in her article of our climate in 2050, seems to believe that catastrophic climate change will befall our region by 2050, radically changing our quality of life. She is profoundly incorrect in her predictions and clearly has not been informed by the substantial climate change literature based on global and regional climate models. This winter and this summer are in many ways an analog for typical conditions in 2050-2070, perhaps even more extreme. We appear to be surviving without major dislocations. Many in the media don't seem to understand that those like myself who seek to damp down excessive hype and exaggeration of current impacts of anthropogenic CO2 are not deniers or skeptics, but rather scientists who want society to have the most reliable and robust information. We are not making sufficient progress in dealing with human emission of CO2 and I would submit that only bipartisan action fueled by a deep confidence in the science will lead to action. Those who believe that playing with the facts or exaggerating current impacts is the solution to the problem are mistaken, and the lack of progress to date is proof that a more transparent approach is needed..cliff mass
Cliff Mass and Josh Feit - geez what a great match - two ideologues tangled up in the undies of their own warped logic
The Cliff Mass interview was really disappointing. The Stranger is a paper with a viewpoint and acknowledged bias; I'm good with that. I didn't care for the hyperbole in Syndey's piece, but I didn't feel misinformed because The Stranger advocates for environmental justice and hyperbole comes with the territory in advocacy journalism. That said; this interview felt like the left equivalent of a Fox News morning show. Constructive criticism: 1) It's not live radio, if the guy has more to say let the tape run and then edit the interview down. 2) None of this two on one bullshit. If you invite two adversarial guests, have the moderator/interviewer moderate rather than pile on. Eli, I'm sure Syndey's smart enough to make her point. 3) Audio allows for multiple voices; in print you may need to come to one point. In a podcast, let each side say their piece and let the listener decide.

Parking Tax: Commercial parking in Seattle under-utilized; street parking in much of Seattle is at capacity. Commercial parking already costs twice what street parking does. Making commercial parking more expensive may encourage some folks towards public transit, but it will also likely lead to more folks circling the block for cheap street parking.
Here's news about a climate scientist doing what Cliff Mass asserts scientists should never do: advocate for a vigorous public policy response to climate change. Accordiing to Mass, scientists should quietly stick to their knitting and leave weighty decisions on how to respond to the looming climate emergency to politicians, who are the only legitimate decision makers. It was very disappointing to hear him say that concerns about changing oceanic conditions are vastly overblown, not to mention ironic that he also said Jay Inslee has no business concerning himself with climate change impacts on coastal waters because he is not a scientist.…

Here´s a link to a bunch of stuff going on in the oceans Cliff Mass is pretty sure isn´t happening, or if it is, how dare these scientists express alarm, because, after all, they aren't policy-making electd officials,…

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