If You Gave Money to Kshama Sawant, Expect a Handmade Mailing from Josh Farris


The snide tone of this post and the previous district date with the candidate posts is unnecessary and off-putting. Do I really need to read the whole post if I can determine your position in the first sarcastic sentence? Could you just go ahead and draw Hitler mustaches on the candidates you don't like to save us all some time?

If I were a candidate (esp. a cis white male candidate) I would run from any Slog reporters as fast as I could. Not worth the risk of having the whole campaign derailed because you rode an e-bike to an un-hip restaurant once.
Is this actually legal? At the Federal level, you're explicitly prohibited from sourcing fundraising prospects from FEC reports.
This is illegal. Goldy covered this issue way back in 2008.


Fun fact: Drew Stokesbary is now a State Representative
I helped Josh create SAFE (Standing Against Foreclosure & Eviction) around four or five years ago, and in that time I've seen him take on the weight of 100's of families facing foreclosure. I've seen him fight beside people who had nearly lost all hope, but fed on the strength he provided and kept fighting. I saw his strength teach them how to win, if not for themselves, for others. I've seen him put in 80 volunteer hours a week with a crushed leg and a bad cast. I've seen him turn down fast track to easy street offers to continue to fight for those in need here in Seattle. Josh knows the needs of this neighborhood, and he is a determined and hard working fighter. Bruce Harrell knows the issues, but for 8 years his record has shown that he is either incompetent or doesn't care. He may not be well versed one or two of in the issues yet, but Josh gives you a clear direction on where he is headed and that direction is for the people. That direction is not where Harrell is heading.

And incidentally, Kshama was arrested at a SAFE action before she was elected to City Council. She shares a lot of our beliefs, and we share a lot of her's. She cannot win effective legislation without council members who share her beliefs.
The biggest laugh is people who think Sawant knows something. She has you all fooled. Have you listened to her debate anyone ever? Most people can walk circles around Dawant because of her robotic responses to all questions with the same lines. Her ideas aren't new. He answers aren't new. She is for big government involvement and high taxes. This is not novel or new.
I’ve had the great pleasure of seeing, first-hand, the tireless advocacy and activism Josh Farris is capable of when people come to SAFE while their homes are in foreclosure or near foreclosure. He has total commitment and boundless energy when it comes to helping folks in trouble. You couldn’t be more wrong about Josh “…trying super hard to ride Council Member Kshama Sawant's coattails this campaign season.”
He is instead marching shoulder to shoulder with her concerning the issues. Though Kshama is definitely a one-of-a kind human being that this city is fortunate to have, she does not stand alone – she is merely the first media worthy, influential voice of a growing movement. Her stated goal is to build a mass movement, and guess what, that means adding more voices and more votes from folks who agree with her on policy. 4 more years of Bruce Harrell is not going to help anyone in District 2.
You wrote a snotty piece because why? You saw one lousy “debate” and now you know exactly what Josh is about? Call him up if your house ever goes into foreclosure.
Yeah this piece was terribly written and your biases seem to be all over the place, as after reading "District Date" it seemed like the only decent candidate in the race is Josh. It's unfortunate he has no chance of actually winning.
Josh is no imitation of anyone else. He was instrumental in organizing an action at city hall which saved my house from drowning in sewage from a city main line which they (the city) would not take responsibility to investigate and fix. Without his and friends intervention I would have lost my home.

From your commentary it is clear you do not know this decent and brave man. This city needs many more like Josh Farris. We are lucky to have him.
This article is highly suspect. If you are going say that someone has a shallow understanding (or make any subjective claim), wouldn't it be wise back up your claim with some sort of factual information? Sawant should endorse Farris. The fact that she has accomplished so little as city council person is largely due to partisan opposition from a Democrat Party in fear of losing power. We need more socialists on council if progress is to be achieved.
Josh Farris is Trouble. He ruthlessly lies, bullies, and manipulates under the guise of "helping others". He only is out for personal gain. We have him doing criminal things on film , i.e.,threatening people's lives simply because they did not agree with him, intimidating others,etc.
The reason the whole executive board, the executive director and the paid staff of SAFE resigned as a group on June 1, 2015, is DIRECTLY due to criminal actions taken by Mr Farris in the organization"s name after he resigned. These actions left those liable for the organization in a position in which those who chose to remain guilty of gross negligence and other assorted felonies. He is adept at lying and twisting situations to appear as what they are not.
Thank you for this article. It explains why several people we know who back Kshama and do support Mr. Farris one bit, received letters asking for money.
Save yourself from a toxic candidate. Vote for someone else.