How the Community Police Commission, Bypassing the Mayor, Wants to Reform the Seattle Police Department


I have issues with local police, but it's more that the types of offenses that happen to me are un-reportable.

For example, online and electronic harassment. I've tried reporting this to authorities from the locals to as high as FBI and even Postmaster General (C3) to no avail.

There seems to be no awareness of the daily types of harassment crimes that occur online, and to some extent in the street and in society.

Many criminals are invisible, and unrecognized by current law enforcement tactics.
Lets get something straight. While we argue over police tactics and everyone started acting like all cops are criminals the actual criminal are getting away with murder. Literally. Here is a list of things that have increased in the last three years: murders have gone up, rapes, robberies, assaults, and burglaries are way up as are thefts and auto theft. So while we are policing the police who has been policing the criminals?