Is is so hard to fact check your post?


You will find Horner was the composer of Aliens (the second film in the series)
Horner was given such a short time to compose for Aliens that much of his work from Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan is recycled into the film.
@2 darling, it was a typo. now fixed. calm yourself.
Play Music has been around for years, I love it. The buried lede here is you can now upload 50k of your own mp3s for free!
@2 Sorry, I take Horner's legacy quite serious and am bothered heavily by the lack of fact checking that seems to be going on around here lately. (plus another typo, I was comment one, you were two. You pointed back to yourself.)
@4 it wasn't a lack of fact checking, just an innocent typo. it's also an option to nicely point it out. something to consider.
It is also nice to proof read and fact check your post before you post it, but that of course seems to be beneath you.
@6 of course not, but typos do happen from time to time as we're all human. thank you for pointing it out. hope you have a nice day.
I'm with Akbar on the issue of sloppy writing/editing.

Lindsay also wrote that "Horner won two Academy Awards for his work on James Cameron's Titanicโ€”for most original score and most original song," when the awards are actually for "Best Original Score" and "Best Original Song."

Details matter.
@8 details don't matter at The Stranger. As long as Tim is getting that ad space sold details don't matter. I mean if you want details read a real newspaper.
@7 Your lack of capital letters in your response disturbs the crap out of me. You ask me to take your writing seriously and you can't even muster basic English skills in a comment? Let alone talking down to me by calling me "darling" and to "calm down." Some lovely feminist views you have there.
Life is short, kids. Go for walks, drink more water, have more orgasms.

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