Matt Baume on Traditional Marriage


Haven't we already seen this message, in this format and with a bit more sass by Mrs. Betty Bowers?…
Yep, @1.

I love the Betty Bowers version a lot more. So hilarious.
@1 & 2: Yeah, she's funnier; but she won't reach the audience that most needs to hear this message. Probably Matt Baume won't, either, but people might listen to him for longer.
I enjoyed it. Well, enjoy maybe not the word. What the hell.. A hard road for women and then some.
Betty was fun, too.
How do the Christians justify their notions of marriage.. Rape allowed till recently blah blah blah. Hypofuckingcrites.
It's an expanded, less serious take on it. He goes into a lot more details and gets away from purely biblical stuff. Matt Baume is awesome. :-)
The nice thing is that I told My 7 yr old son about the supreme court ruling today, and he shrugged. His response? quote " Families are ALL weird " unquote. I told him that, not too long ago people with different skin colors, couldn't be in the same family and he got upset with me that I was teasing him. Didn't believe me. His generation will see this in the history books and wonder what the big deal was all about.