Remember When Brian Brown Came to My House for Dinner?


A nice side-benefit, the money donated to these hatemongers will slide into irrelevancy as social conservatives follow the path to mainstream despair and acceptance, just as they did with interracial marriage.
This is a day for joy. I don't want to hear from the bigots. We've heard too much from them for years. Time for them to shut up and stop trying to rain on our parade.
Today is a day to savor and drink from the bitter tears of Brian Brown.
With the expansion of healthcare assured and today's holding that the Fourteenth Amendment prohibits states from denying same-sex couples the right to marry, I think we can turn the corner on the narrative that the United States is a "right-of-center" nation. Hopefully, the policy and civil rights achievements of the past decade will convince the Democratic nominee to be more vocal in a pressing for a more ambitious policy agenda.
@2 Exactly. They have nothing new to say, and it was all shit anyway. They may have a right to say it, but we certainly have a right to ignore them.
For some reason, I can't access either of those references. And yes, who the fuck cares what they say. They can just get back to fucking their sheep now. Or their daughters. It's Friday. Pretty sure that's sheep day.
@4: "I think we can turn the corner on the narrative that the United States is a "right-of-center" nation"

What the hell? No. Our policies within and without prove that objectively false.

I can't wait until Brown's kids grow up and are humiliated over and embarrassed by their dad's rabid anti-gay stance as people today are over their own grandparents and great grandparents who were against integration, against the lunch counters sit ins, etc. Those films of people being pulled off the stools at Woolworths and beaten by the crew cutted white men are forever - we can see your faces, assholes, and so can your kids and grandkids. That is what Brian Brown and his ilk are condemned to be.

Hmmm, two-thirds against. Where have I seen those poll numbers before... AH! American History Class! When polled in 1774 two thirds of Americans voted to stay with England. The governments of each colony made an executive decision to go against the will of the masses and defy both King and Crown.
Oh, and in 1860, when 3/3 of the south and 2/3 of the north wanted to keep slavery - and the companies and government wanted to get more money from the south's vast untapped fields - they decided to abolish slavery and start the civil war. Slavery officially ended on Jan 1, 1863 but didn't stop until Juneteenth - June 19th - of that year, when they sent TROOPS into the south and Texas to force slaves to be freed.
Oh, and when segregation was considered. 3/4 of America voted against it.
Sometimes the people don't know what they NEED just what they WANT.
Dan's not responsible for the actions of all the gays.
@ #10:
A 15 yr old who lies on social media is almost the exact same thing as a 15 yr. old who molests his younger sisters & goes unpunished for it & then becomes a mouthpiece for the religious right "traditional" marriage crowd. Have you hugged your Duggar today?
@12: Probably a bitter featured Youth Pastor.