Don't Worry, Bigots! You're Still on Top


The bigots now want to move to Canada, but I have some news for them.…

I cannot even imagine the mind that would give equal weight to a person being escorted out of the White House for interrupting a presidential speech with other people being beaten and shot.
Maybe they want to go there for the universal health care to help cure their butthurt.
The Stranger has done an uncanny job in replacing Paul Constant. Picking right up on the paul pieces, Rich Smith is Gay aware, Politically seething, book smart. Perhaps he just needs to walk around Lake Washington, and let us know how he's a winner.
I am not sure how Jennicet GutiƩrrez makes your list of otherwise real issues. I mean the president was fair and good-natured with her I think. She raised an issue that got picked up on mainstream outlets (even if their intent wasn't to promote her message, it was still the first time I consciously thought about transgendered people in INS detention, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one who looked into it for the first time). She was allowed to go on for awhile and wasn't arrested or anything. I don't see what the better way to treat her would have been? Just as a matter of practicality, the President had to get through his press conference.
@% -- Yup. Gutierrez got what she wanted: attention for an important cause. She also had to be removed because she wouldn't stop screaming. While her intentions were good, she clearly misread the room in that moment. I thought Obama handled himself well.
Whoops, should read @5.
Rich Smith, you forgot one:

* Bad News Bigots: This week it was revealed that your Muslim xenophobia/bigotry was misplaced - seems your own kind killed almost twice as many people since 9/11.
With all these monumental decisions coming out of the Supreme Court at the same time makes me wonder if the republicans are realizing that they are still in the minority as far as public acceptance. If they want a republican President in 2016 they are going to have to really step up to the plate and acknowledge global warming, women's rights to decide if they want to have an abortion, the on-going battle with the Hispanics at the border and the problems in the Middle East (which republicans have no idea how to approach) so the simple solution is to elect Hillary who has the experience in all these fields.
@9 "With all these monumental decisions coming out of the Supreme Court at the same time makes me wonder if the republicans are realizing that they are still in the minority as far as public acceptance."

Public acceptance as defined by Supreme Court diktat anyway.
I lived through the late 'Seventies and early' Eighties politically aware, so I never really feel like we've advanced in any area until ten years at least have passed without significant reversal.

Example: in 1977, 'everyone' 'knew' that pot would be legal by 1980.
@10 - that, and countless opinion polls backing gay marriage. Of course these polls are flawed somehow, because everyone you hang out with hates fags
I don't consider GOP Presidential candidates to be 'mainstream' as that implies that they are typical. Rather, I consider them to be 'Outliers' because they do NOT actually represent the true Republican voter.
The dogmatic GOP politicians seem like relics of a bygone era. They are either too dim witted to learn from social change and evolve, too lazy to extend the effort, or are genuinely too afraid of the moral challenge required to step outside one's comfort zone.
Instead, they behave like buffoons and desperately try to hang on to a social-reality that existed in the 20th Century, their moral rectitude on gender issues seems to be from that era.
Consider 2 points that argue against prominent GOP candidates representing the 'mainstream': [1] The number of states that had already legalized marriage equality was 60%. [2] A Gallup Poll last month shows that 76% of Americans approve Same-Sex marriage. Overall, 37% of Republicans approve of Same-Sex marriage. Gallup also asked if the respondent did NOT approve of Same-Sex marriage. Republicans had their smallest 'yes' response they had ever had, only 37% (coincidence?)
Here's the whammy for those bigoted GOP candidates: Republican voters who APPROVE and Disapprove of Same-Sex marriage are the same! How's a candidate going to leverage that?
If they say otherwise, we'll know they are lying, just like they do over the Affordable Health Care Act. Anyone who acts out with words or actions and hurts someone else because that person is different deserves to be held accountable.
And yet, GOP voters continue for "extremists."

Can't be so extreme to their voters, apparently.
@12 If gay marriage is as popular as you claim it is, it shouldn't require, ultimately, the coercive power of the Federal Government to get it fully accepted.

Of course, you don't know anything about who I hang out with or what my attitudes are. You're assumptions on that subject are utterly wrong, but if shrieking them makes you feel better, by all means keep it up.
@15 -- Actually, of course, after the Bush era use of gay marriage as a wedge issue and the constitutional amendments passed against non-traditional marriage as part of whipping up the base, waiting for the majority to be able to make changes would have been a lengthy process. The question is, why should people have to wait for constitutional rights? In the end, the public does not get to vote on civil rights. That is one area in which the majority is not allowed to win. Should the last states in which blacks and white were forbidden to get married have waited for the local bigotry to wain?
Miscegenation had less public support when Loving v Virginia was handed down than gay marriage does today. So... Go fuck yourself.
@8 let's be real that's good news for bigots