20 Photos from Mayor Ed Murray's Rally to Celebrate the US Supreme Court Ruling on Marriage Equality


Singing "We Are The Champions" by Queen works at almost every sporting event.

Also, in regard to laws unjustly denying equal rights/opportunites to a group of people, "Another One Bites The Dust" would be an appropriate choice.
Its bad form for politicians who promote massive property tax increases to kiss their spouses in public.
I missed the event-thx for the beautiful photos!!!
I must say, that is one attractive police officer.
@2 Seriously?
Really Raindrop?
You are so locked into the "my team has to beat your team" dynamic that you can't even acknowledge a win for the other team you are a member of?

Lord have mercy.
i.e. The right to kiss in public.
Every time I see or hear Jean Godden, one term comes to mind...

8/derek, it should be an expression for when you're angry (but not that angry): Goddenit!
Wait, what's wrong with a Nascar hat ? As an org, they made their statement against Indiana's "religious freedom" law. Other than that, I'm not sure what driving fast has to do with sexuality in any orientation. They don't even have F1 grid girl-type hypersexualization of women.
@6, Like a good Republican, he's properly embarrassed by his sexual orientation.

The more I review this ruling, the more there should be for everyone who values Individual freedom from state control to celebrate, not just gays.

This law does not merely "ok Gay Marriage". It removes the ability of the State to define what marriage is. Marriage is no different from say a business partnership, an agreement to perform construction, or a tenant signing a lease.

Hence, my reading of it is that mandated Alimony, outside of the bounds of any contract, is outlawed. And there is no need for pre-nuptial agreements. Since Marriage is not a "fee for service" agreement (or else it would be Prostitution, and hence illegal), and it is "voluntary" there is no room for State add-ons to the contract (such as specifying it can only be conducted between man and women). In addition, Divorce is now clearly sanctified and, all additional conditions and penalties not agreed upon by the "voluntary" parties are no longer viable.

Conservatives should be dancing in the streets, for this enormous reduction in state power. And free thinkers should rejoice that the Slave Contract formerly known as Marriage has been permanently reshaped.

@6: My dear framed Mach, it's astounding that you saw past my deliberately absurd quip (silly as it is) where the delightful twist was that it had nothing to do with same-sex marriage, the SCOTUS decision, but touched on our dear mayor's damaging politics. Indeed, Hillary Clinton is for massive tax increases as well, but at least she has the decency to spare us from seeing her smooch with Bill (as of late, anyway).
"Wait, what's wrong with a Nascar hat?"
Great question Chef Joe! PLEASE respond to him Kelly o.
I am so in the mood to read a debate between you two intellectual giants.
Sawant had the worst speech. She made it all about her and not the importance of the day. Really upsetting to see.
So, on a tangent, I must say I love the professionalism of a "paper" that takes days off, even when the news doesn't.

Black churches are burning down in the South like kindling. The Stranger? "It'll wait until Monday. It isn't like it is real news or anything.".

Buzzfeed had this story 24 hours ago. This was Saturday's news. By the time Slog deigns to mention anything about it, the story will be stale. Of course, they will happily cover the stale story in a vain attempt to get "hits".
@14 Er, yeah okay. I got it.

"Your a Republican and your ok. You'll rah rah your team till your dying day."

I get it. Sorry if I think that's just sad.
Agree with you wholeheartedly.
#23, 5pm on a Monday, and still nothing. Apparently black churches burning to the ground really is a non-story for The Stranger.
Attendees responded to Sawant's speech with silence. Again, she claimed credit for all progress, everywhere, all the time. Meh.