This is a brown bear in nature.
This is a handsome brown bear in nature. Erik Mandre/Shutterstock

The position of a number of writers on this blog is that pit bull terriers are, in general, a menace to society. Our opinion is that the animal should be banned in our city. After all, we live in a world that is not lacking in dogs that are friendly and handsome. So, what purpose does it serve, socially speaking, to encourage the ownership of an animal that has such mean and beady eyes, a big tooth-packed and tongue-thick mouth, and a personality that tends to be very aggressive? Pit bulls often maul adult humans, occasionally kill infant humans, and have a taste for the blood of other dogs.

With all of this in mind, let's turn to the curious story of a citified Alaskan pit bull that found itself in the mouth of a brown bear. According to the Daily Sitka Sentinel, the name of the pit bull is Monkey. Its owner's name is Joe. Both were visiting Port Alexander, a village on Baranof Island. There are only 81 humans in Port Alexander. In the past, Port Alexander was the "salmon fishing capital of the world." It even had brothels.

Monkey is an old city dog, and the home it was visiting has other dogs that are totally country. These robust hounds know how to deal with bears and other wild animals on the island. The urban Monkey didn't, which is why when it went outside to play on the beach with these country dogs, it ended up in the jaws of a young brown bear.

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Joe heard it screaming in pain. He arrived and spotted the bear carrying his pet into the woods. A little later, the bear dropped the pit ball (something apparently did not taste right) and began trying to eat it another way. Joe threw rocks at the bear. The bear turned out to be the sort that didn't like a big deal to made of a meal and lumbered into the forest. The owner found on the ground his punctured Monkey covered in blood and bear slobber.

Monkey was flown to an animal clinic where it received stitches, antibiotics, and lots of painkillers. It is now recovering from the attack. It will live another day and will want, no doubt, to stay in the city.