Alaskan Pit Bull Almost Killed by Brown Bear


This is a pretty good troll/lclickbait post. A bunch of bullshit that will provoke an emotional response, despite being completely factually incorrect (Mudede's bread and butter), but the excuse to post it is a bit too thin and transparent. No real news value, not much human interest either.

That is going to bring down the score a bit. 7/10, will garner many responses, but most will be pointing out that the author is just trolling or posting clickbait.

You can do better.
Didn't read it, just here for the 100 comments. In b4 pitbulls in the Capitol Hill QFC with their amazon-employee owners meeting their real-estate developer friend from Bellevue who owns the apartment building down the street.
Woo, Sitka represent. Also, dogs getting eaten by bears in Alaska is not uncommon. This one was lucky.
Let genetic engineering modify bears down to pit bull size, and THEN let them fight it out in our urban playscapes.
Alert the Pulitzer committee! This is just the sort of hard-hitting exposé and journalism we've come to admire from The Stranger.

Move over Woodward and Bernstein - here come Mudede and Frizzelle! Cub reporters on the Seattle Summer Dog Beat!
i am frankly offended by this piece. i believe monkey identifies as "male", yet you called monkey "it" repeatedly. why must you hate?
Well, it was either this or Charles could have written about the teenage white girl with the fascinating tits.
@7. the one thing i do not do is lust after teenagers. i honestly like my women not to be children.

I saw that freaking idiot flying his drone in the park over the weekend.
Age of majority is 18.
Pitbull aren't a menace, blame the shitty owners.
There'r no adults left at The Stranger.

Wanna have a serious discussion about pit bulls? Cool. Let's have it.

Wanna talk about some bear and some old dog?

Wasn't there a new managing editor at The Stranger? What is she doing besides keeping the lights on if this is the kind of nonsense that is produced.

Charles: Hey, I want to post this story about dogs, but not really about dogs, it's about one kind of dog but not really, it's about a pit bull that got into a scuffle in Alaska with a bear.

Managing Editor: AH! An expose about about bear violence in Alaska? You want to take a trip to Alaska then!?

Charles: I want to talk about making pit bulls illegal. Well, I kinda want to talk about it. Not really though.

Managing Editor: Oh. Well. Whatever. OK. Why'd you wake me up for this? I'm taking a nap.

This is an embarrassing moment for The Stranger, on multiple dimensions.
I'm confused, what is your issue with pittys? Especially concerning this article where the poor dog was the one attacked. Your ignorance on the breed astounds me.
This is a very bad post, Mud.
I like how y'all are acting like Slog is supposed to solely consist of Pulitzer-prize level reporting on super-serial matters. If you don't like this story, Charles' reporting, or him in general, whatever. But this hardly represents some sort of downfall of The Stranger, it's a short musing on a familiar topic for a Monday morning.
The first link in this article leads to another, better-written, article that disproves everything in this article.

Not even your own hypertext believes your hype.
Sounds a bit bigoted to me!
Disappointing article. I agree with #6 that Monkey is not an "it". Are less generic pronouns really that expensive? You begin with a general discussion of Pitt Bull which you do not develop with any solid facts. I expect more from The Stranger and Slog
Wow slow clap for crap journalism. What a piece of shit article. Check your facts, prissy dick.
I think it's great that people are attracted to diverse breeds of dogs. If you want to write about expanded licensing requirements for potentially dangerous breeds, fair enough. But ban an entire breed, when lots if not most of its members are sweethearts owned by responsible people who love them? Rubbish. Does The Stranger want to convince its readers it's the dog-hating--actually let's be honest, pet-hating--paper? Sure seems like it sometimes.
Pitbulls regularly attack horses and deer and I am betting it attacked the bear and then got more than it could handle. Pitbulls are ruining native areas by killing off animals as they are going feral nationwide.. and of course a pitbull brought back the Plague in Colorado.. A great new book to check out: Misunderstood Nanny Dogs? A critical and objective analysis of the facts &myths concerning pitbulls by J. Thomas Beasley. Available on Kindle too. Ask your library to order it. All local leaders should read this. The facts speak for themselves.
All I know is I have to read everything Chuck writes, and all the comments, and so do all you fuckers.
troll. you don't know jack about pit bulls, or probably dogs in general. i miss the old stranger and the old seattle and and and
This is a joke, right? I usually appreciate Mudede's work, and I can only read this as weird (and bad) satire.
Okay, so I'm a little slow at this late hour, and I now retract my earlier comment. Monkey, the urban pit bull… Got it. Geez!
Aww poor old doggy - get well soon Monkey!