Donald Trump: You fire me? Then Ill sue you.
Donald Trump: "You can't fire me, I'm a disgusting shill with nothing to say! I was born to be on TV!" Albert H. Teich /

Meredith Blake, an entertainment reporter for the LA Times, tweeted that NBC will not air the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants due to Trump's recent statements on the character of Mexican immigrants. NBC's response also notes that Trump will not appear on The Apprentice, either, but Trump had already said as much when he decided to run for president.

On Twitter, Trump announced his plans to sue NBC, citing the "hurt feelings" of Miss USA contestants.

Trump's sudden concern for the feelings of his Miss USA contestants comes as a bit of a shock. He doesn't seem too concerned with their feelings when he administers the Trump Rule, which states that only the most "physically attractive" can be included in the glitter-bomb male fantasy that is the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageant.

Even if NBC loses this potential suit, hopefully they'll find comfort in the fact of their gaining millions of credibility dollars by no longer airing a misogynistic pageant and by denying a platform to a man who calls immigrants from Mexico "killers and rapists."

Trump is currently second to Jeb! in the New Hampshire polls, and so he will be included in debates, where he will have a physical platform for his xenophobia. Liberals might like to see Trump representing the GOP onstage. If he hogs the limelight and takes up space in the debates, less-looney contenders like Carly Fiorina will find it harder to gain any momentum early. However, the longer he's out, there the more chances he has to spread his views. I don't think the political damage done by the former is worth the pain perpetuated by the latter.

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