Council President Wants to Tax Gun and Ammunition Sales ... “It’s time for the gun industry to help defray those costs,"
Perhaps this approach remains our only sad hope against the imagined unassailable gun lobby, but it really recalls the old metaphor of fuding an ambulance down in the valley rather than just build a fence at the top of the cliff (Joseph Malins poem)
this liz jones link is wrong . try this one…
Just about every protest involves marching down Broadway, then turning onto Pike and all the way down to Westlake, complete with masked idiots taunting the cops. Its been like that for a very long time, so I was happy to see this one having a specific message, a specific route, no masked fools, no taunting of the cops and with no arrests, thats how you do it.
I'm thinking a 38% tax, just like MJ
Yes to taxes on guns sales and fines for not reporting lost and stolen guns. Why should taxpayers be footing the bills for gun related violence? Gun owners should be footing bills for gun related violence. And we need to start charging people with felonies when a child blows their head off (or another child's head off or in any find a gun owned by an adult and fire it). If you leave your kid in a car on a hot day you will be charged with a crime. IF you leave your gun where it can be accessed by a child you need to be charged with a crime. Time to stop with this stupid insanity and get real.

As for the rich not being able to buy a house BOO FREAKING HOO WHO CARE???? Working people can't afford homes. Poor people can't even afford a place to live at all. Why report on how the rich are being outbid by the richer and talk about how people who work for the city of Seattle can't even afford to live in the city limits.
Re: open letter to Bezos on transit. I much prefer these two.
Another home-buyer said she bid on three houses in Rainier Valley, but didn't get any of them. She eventually paid $45,000 over sticker price for a Beacon Hill home with "pink carpeting."

I didn't realize Catalina's home was for sale.
Of course Micro$oft has to lay off people, didn't they officially disinvest awhile back (or at least the Gates Foundation did) from the private prison outfit, GEO?

And think of all the people affiliated with Gates family who ended up in jail: Rajat Gupta, who had a position with the Gates Foundation, then there was Jack Abramoff, a lobbyist for the old firm, Preson, Gates & Ellis, who did some jail time, and then that lady embezzler hired at the old Bogle & Gates, when she had been previously fired from her last two employers, also law firms, for embezzling, so they hired her to embezzle there and destroy that law firm, I guess?

Yup, probably hurting on the money thing . . .
@11 - Please. Microsoft should and must lay off investment in areas where it is failing. As any company has the right to do. Windows Phone is failing against Apple and Android, period. Apple for example, requires that apps uploaded to iTunes must meet certain standards in coding and functionality. Windows Phone has no such QA. Microsoft is way behind in this area. They need to cut back and start over. I wish them well.
@11 - I eagerly await your conspiracy theories when Amazon does some trimming.
@6, I concur . . . if not 68%. How much did Harborview spend on Pot injuries? What was the taxpayer obligation? And can we discuss the unregulated lead poisoning from ammunition?
I *wish* my house had pink carpeting! But it does have a pink bathroom!
Tax away Timy,tax away.
I think most gun owners when they want ammodon"t buy in the city.I don't and I have a shop a mile away.

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