Summer of Sheryl. via BANDCAMP / artwork by C.M. Ruiz

Okay, I am possibly THE MOST unlikely person to ever appreciate an album of Sheryl Crow cover songs. Seriously. I'm the weirdo who's seen Slayer 23 times. I think Sheryl Crow is probably a terrific human, but my whole life, her happy-time posi-jams just never fit in with my metalhead-rap-raver-garage-punk tendencies.

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BUT! GUYS AND GALS! Check this out—Summer of Sheryl. It's covers by members of local bands Chastity Belt, Slutever, Tacocat, Lisa Prank, Pony Time, and Kim Warnick. It's Sheryl Frickin' Crow reinvented into a summertime playlist of awesome. Start with Julia Shapiro's version of "My Favorite Mistake" and then move on to Luke Beetham's weirdo-excellent rendition of "All I Wanna Do." Unbelievable, especially to a nonbeliever like me. LISTEN HERE: