Jeb Bush has the best solution to climate change ever.
Jeb Bush has the best solution to climate change ever. Bernhard Staehli/Shutterstock

One of the many astonishingly ridiculous things that Jeb Bush says in the interview with members of the New Hampshire Union Leader is found after he advises Obama to stop calling white people racists and to be less uppity, and before he tells Americans to work more hours for their families and American economic growth (this statement made him an open target for the press and the left).

When Jeb Bush is asked about his position on climate change, he answers that it is real, that sea levels are rising but all of these massive problems will ultimately be solved by some guy tinkering in a garage somewhere in America.

I'm not kidding. Go to 13:46 and hear it for yourself.

Instead of government action (which is what alarmists want), we must wait for this man in the garage to walk out one day with a gadget (maybe part lawn mower, part sewing machine, part bicycle, part vibrator) that will do the trick and restore polar ice and return the sea to normal levels. Jeb Bush believes America would not be the great nation it is today if were not for these men working so hard in their garages.