Jeb Bush Says Climate Change Will Be Solved by a Guy Tinkering in a Garage


The GOP already has its Franz Liebkind in the form of Trump.

And Jeb has made his Romneyesque 47% statement.

The fix is in:…
Few months ago there's an Apple (fact checked - Cadillac) commercial which glorifies Garage Tinkering! The media, advertising, and politics merge. So what else is new.
An A-Team made of MacGyvers couldn't solve this solo.
Jeb Bush:
“My aspiration for the country and I believe we can achieve it, is 4 percent growth as far as the eye can see. Which means we have to be a lot more productive, workforce participation has to rise from its all-time modern lows. It means that people need to work longer hours” and, through their productivity, gain more income for their families. That’s the only way we’re going to get out of this rut that we’re in.”
Or, does did he mean that Americans stuck in part time jobs need more hours, as he later clarified?
Sorry Jeb, but your policies won't let that man tinker in his garage because he has to spend all his time at work.

This guy is three bricks shy of a load.
A lot of great stuff has come out of guys tinkering in their garages. Bicycles, airplanes, personal computers ... but energy solutions? Biodiesel and even GMO-based hydrocarbons, smarter appliances maybe. Advances in bicycular technology are STILL coming out of garages.

But practical fusion reactors and photovoltaic performance breakthroughs are kinda out of the garage league.
Multi-generational wealth makes the recipients stupid. They Bush Family is evidence of that, and the Kennedy's are the exception to that rule.
Willful ignorance among conservative politicians was once put-on to fundraise and secure election. This one-time strategy has evolved into actual ignorance. What they pretended to be has become what they are.
Garage startups died forty years ago thanks to neoliberalism.

Thankfully, these politicians are blessed with a brain that allows them to promote the destruction of the very vision they embrace.
Rest assured if someone tinkers in a garage, that someone is a guy. Also, "arbeit macht frei."
And Jeb's supposed to be the smart Bush
@7: It's concentrated in R.F.K. Jr in re. vaccines and amalgam fillings, and Patrick Kennedy re. marijuana legalisation.
@4, For a seasoned politician he certainly does a lot of later-clarifying, but telling the underemployed they need to find more work is neither insightful or helpful, particularly when those jobs don't exist because they've been sent overseas. Either way you slice it, he's tone-deaf.
@11 FTW
Hey c'mon, don't be so hard on ole' Jeb! He probably just finished watching Season One of "Rick And Morty" and figured, "hey, if that old drunk guy can build a car that travels through space-and-time out of old garbage cans and broken VCR's, then ANYTHING is possible!"
@7: Having Marilyn Monroe murdered was stupid.
ask me again, and i'll tell you another. it's from the Hebrews chapter 3:19? 17:2? i can look it up
As a climate researcher about to lose my job due to cuts to basic research, I must say Jeb is kind of right. With no funds to keep us at the office the only place we will have left to work is our garages.
@18 go play on train tracks.
Back in the 1980's I worked as the aid to the specialist at the Texas Forest Service's Hardwood Genetics Research Laboratory located on the campus of Texas A&M University. One of the many projects I worked on was performing research on the effects of deforestation on the soil of the former forest floor. We were required to file quarterly activity reports and a summary finds log with commentary.

The team I worked with measured soil temperatures and fertility conditions of the soil prior to logging. Our research was on track to prove that the long term effect of the common practices of aggressive stripping of all vegetation from the logged areas resulted in the long term damage and potential collapse of the ecosystem of the affected area.

We also found that the soil temperature of the deforested area sky rocketed. In every test area, once the moisture of the soil was burned off by direct solar radiation the soil acted as a reflector and heated the atmosphere directly above the deforested region. The specialist's report indicated that wide spread deforestation could adversely affect weather patterns in any region of widespread deforestation and could potentially create drought conditions. The soils condition project was swiftly terminated and all of our records were confiscated.
since his immediate task is to peddle feel-good fantasies to the credulous cretins of the GOP base, none of that BS surprises me in the least. he didn't mean any of it.

whatever jackass they pick will get steamrolled next year. I feel sorry for all of us who have to sit through this year-long puppet show.
Given how many employers are going to outsourced and/or part time labor forces, or who are cutting back on paying overtime, it is unclear to me how people are supposed to increase productivity by working longer hours.
Even if we convert all existing coal plants to cogeneration and put a $20 a gallon surtax on oil gas LNG and spend every dollar earned from that in solar and wind, it's still going to be a Florida Is Sinking & New Orleans Needs To Swim nightmare.
@19 Just don't vote for a republican and maybe your job will be saved. Most Democrats I know believe climate change "global warming" is real and man made. When Papa republican is in the nursing home and the air conditioning goes quits because there is no electrical power left in the U.S.A. then maybe, just MAYBE it will hit home. But then the republicans will blame the Democrats for waiting too long to implement some changes. That's how politics works.
As ridiculous as he sounds, he may actually be right. I created this in my garage..
If the guy tinkering in the garage is engineering a 100% lethal-to-humans virus, maybe. Death is, after all, the ultimate cure for all that ails you.
Fact check (Jeb Fail!): Just after the technocratic-free market quip @ 13:46 that the relative cost of renewables will be "fixed" by someone tinkering in a garage rather than putting a cost on carbon (which the market has failed to do without government intervention), Jeb Bush incorrectly and indignantly recounts a conversation with a "climate change guy" that morning at breakfast where Jeb states that US carbon emissions are down with respect to 1990 levels. FAIL! U.S. EPA figures show U.S. GHG emissions 6% HIGHER than 1990 levels and 9% lower than almost-all-time-2205-high levels.…
THIS why I am voting for Donald Trump! We need someone who is smart and has a hold on the pulse of American!!! Trump/Huckabee 2016!!!
Hi there. I'm the guy in the garage Jeb was talking about. Trust me, I have it all figured out. All we need are 7 half megaton ground penetrators and something to haul them up to about 30 grand over the Yellowstone caldera. Easy peasy. Ice age in a couple of weeks.
Easy fo fix, hard to pay for.
-stop puting carbon in the atmosphere would be #1
- position a shade structure to Earth's L1
Gotta plenty more.
@27, wow 119 "Likes."
@26: I think terrorism is a more immediate threat to our grid than global warming.

(P.S. to Venomlash - my bad on our last exchange.)
@35 -- Getting hit by a car is more of an immediate threat than cancer or heart disease, but which one do you think is more likely?

Global warming is the biggest overall threat to humanity since the Soviet Union and the U. S. had dozens of missiles aimed at each other (nuclear war is still a threat, just not as big of one). It is the worst possible crisis to handle for several reasons:

1) There is a lag period. By the time everyone realizes it is really bad, there is little you can do about it.

2) There is tragedy of the commons problem. It is great if everyone else solves the problem, and you can enjoy low fuel prices and have a great time.

3) There are a lot of causes (it isn't just fossil fuels).

4) It doesn't seem like an obvious threat. Losing a substantial number of the world's species sounds bad, but it isn't like someone blowing up a bomb in a crowded market. Except that they are linked. As global warming gets worse, resource shortages get worse. Resource shortages play a huge part in wars and civil unrest. Wars and civil unrest lead to ... guys blowing up bombs in a crowded market (and a lot worse). This is why the military is involved. Wander over to West Point and ask to talk to a few professors about global warming -- they will scare the shit out of you.

@36: Scaring "s word" out of folks is an art form the left loves. Who said "Be afraid, be very afraid"? Yes, unfortunately a lot of global warming is correct. I just got finished reading this list.
I suppose the only way to save this thing is for all humans to be exterminated by the end of the decade. That's the only way to give true credence to the hype, which so many take a smug delight in dishing out.
The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Cluck on, Chicken Little.
I understand where people like Seattleblahs are coming from. Like me, they have no heirs, so when it's over it's over. (and in Seattleblah's case, it will undoubtedly be a blessed relief for all parties involved - the apartment manager, the case worker, the people at the library who have to deal with him, the meals-on-wheels volunteers, and most of all himself)

But I do feel that it is important for all of us to face our fears and acknowledge what's happening to our planet and our species. Perhaps Seattleblahs will come to that conclusion as well, but I'm not counting on it. I think he had a sibling who used to push on his on fontanelle, or maybe Mother drank a bit while carrying him. It can't just be chronic overwhelming loneliness that's made him what he is.

Ok, freakshow. Whatever.
Does this guy not realize that the Bush name is probbly the most distrusted name in the world. No one will ever trust him. The message to the rest of the world is this. "Is the United States Really considering electing Jeb Bush" as president? It's truely embarrassing.
@35: You do realize that I haven't posted in this thread, right? (Well, until now.) But I appreciate your confidence in my obsessive/vigilant (call it what you will) reading of comment threads. NONE ESCAPE MY PIERCING GAZE.

@38: "I know nothing about this issue, but I feel that I am more qualified to make declarations than the thousands of people who spend decades of their lives studying it! Why? Because I can think of a reason that they might all be in cahoots lying to us about the issue for their own imaginary profit! Also, I'm too uneducated to understand the current science, so I think it's counter-intuitive."
Basically your attitude on the climate change issue, given your lack of a geoscie background, your refusal to educate yourself on the issue, and your persistent failure to cite any supporting evidence to back up your positions.

@40: You call CVDR a freakshow, and yet you're the one who masochistically returns to a website full of people who don't like you, to make posts nobody takes seriously on topics of which you know very little. Just admit and accept that you have some deep-seated need for punishment; I've got my own masochistic tendencies, and I've come to terms with them.
Seattleblahs, that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me. My heart is too full....
In a way, he was right. He's saying that inventors and scientists with get us out of this climate change crisis. Some American genius will come up with a way to get us off of fossil fuels. Some day, someone will invent something amazing like a way to generate electricity from the sun or the wind or the waves. I'm sure that once someone invents one of these magical devices Jeb will support the massive investment of government funds required to transition us from an oil/coal based economy to one based on renewable energy.
@38, This from the guy who can't stop shitting his diapers over gays getting married.
@44: But God forbid that we should actually spend taxpayer money on research and subsidies to hasten the development of such a technology, or pursue stopgap measures such as regulating/restricting carbon emissions in the mean time...
Bush is well aware that the problem is bigger than one guy in a garage, but he doesn't want to confuse us with big words and nuance and stuff.
Thanks @32. I just pissed my pants with laughter.

A much more easily remedied problem, admittedly, but I’m working too many hours so that Jeb Bush can get richer and I’m not finding the time to get to the store for the appropriate piss collection paraphernalia. Would you invent something to help me with that?