Former Mayor Mike McGinn sent along this endorsement selfie with District 2 candidate Tammy Morales.
Former Mayor Mike McGinn sent along this "endorsement selfie" with District 2 candidate Tammy Morales. Courtesy of Mike McGinn

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Defying the will of the Stranger Election Control Board—how dare!—former mayor/current podcaster Mike McGinn has endorsed incumbent Council Member Bruce Harrell's main challenger, Tammy Morales, in the race for city council District 2 in Southeast Seattle.

Here's what McGinn had to say about his pick:

Tammy is a genuine community activist who will be accessible and responsive to the people of Southeast Seattle. District elections finally give the people of the Southeast a chance for a council member who will put their priorities first. You know Tammy will do that, because that is what she’s doing right now as a community member.

I enjoyed working with Bruce Harrell. But he has not been providing oversight on critical issues. The number of shots fired in SE Seattle has spiked in the last year and a half yet he has been silent. He stood with Tim Burgess on opposing expansion of the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative to 18-21 year olds, as well as opposing the expansion of Career Bridge for felons returning to our community. Meanwhile, dollars keep pouring into downtown, whether for expensive waterfront plans, or for the 9 1/2 block safety plan. There are a lot more than 9 1/2 blocks in District 2 that could use that sort of attention. I know Tammy Morales will fight for equity in city priorities.

McGinn has also endorsed:

Musician John Roderick, who's running for a citywide seat against current Council President Tim Burgess.

Socialist Council Member Kshama Sawant, who was on his podcast last week.

Debadutta Dash in North Seattle's District 5.

• His BFF and fellow kayaktivist Council Member Mike O'Brien in the district they share, District 6, covering Ballard and Fremont.

• And over on Facebook, McGinn has supported both Brianna Thomas, who worked on the $15 minimum wage campaign in SeaTac, and neighborhood advocate Chas Redmond.