Leaders Wring Hands Over Youth Violence in Seattle; Mayor Dodges Question on Expanding Violence Prevention Programs


Since Banks is proposing exactly what Ansel suggested in Ansel's advocacy journalism, will Ansel be supporting putting Banks on the city council?
Best way to solve this is free IUDs.

Too many babies born into poverty.

It's weird that Ed Murray didn't hesitate at all to ding Seattle citizens $40,000 for his pinkwashing junket to Israel, a country that commits genocide on Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, and won't release money APPROVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL to help prevent youth violence? Maybe he's pro-violence, or something...
Why not install 500 identical cameras, with only 50 of them being actually hooked up and working, and the other 450 dummy cameras? Announce either that the real cameras would rotate amongst locations, and/or that the locations of the real ones would not be disclosed. Place the cameras only in areas that have seen a violent crime in the past year, to inundate the area with the perception of total surveillance. The entire project would be under 100,000.
A streetlight mounted dome camera was spotted around ten days ago, near the corner of Jackson and 23rd in the CD, which was not there in the April 2014 Google Street View pictures of the same area. So this call for new SPD cameras might be a 'trial balloon' more than an actual citizen initiative. The camera is located on a City light pole, so it really is not likely to be a local business or private corporation security device. Meanwhile, the City agreed in 2013 not to deploy new camera systems until clear City policies were in place to protect privacy - and that has not yet happened. The agreement at the time shut down the DHS and City funded harbor camera network, which had already been installed.
Professional security guy here. Problem with surveillance cameras is, study after study shows that they don't actually deter crime.


(No, I don't have any better ideas, except for maybe listening to what folks from these communities have to say.

But just because deploying surveillance cameras looks like a form of action doesn't mean it will deliver results. In a sense, they're just like TSA checkpoints: it's high visibility security theater that might make you feel safer, but doesn't actually deliver the safety you're paying for.)
Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative is great, but just like last summer the Mayor (and the Stranger) miss the point that programs need to reach INTO the communities and neighborhoods and connect with the kids that AREN'T part of the current anti-violence programs. Yes, continue to fund SYVPI, but the city also needs to connect with community leaders such as Brothers United In Leadership Development (B.U.I.L.D). Stop trying to fix the problem with methods that resulted in over 20 youth-on-youth murders last summer. New, original thinking is needed; and that means engaging community leaders that the city (and the Stranger) have failed to recognize.
Also, it's time to elect a REAL community leader like Pam Banks to City Council. Please vote!!! #SupportPamBanks