New Plan for the Weekend: 10 Hours of the Grateful Dead Playing "Dark Star" in 1972


Keith and Donna left the band in 1979, and the Dead didn't play Dark Star from 1981-1989, when it made a triumphant return at the Hampton Coliseum.
Hell yes! Hey I was at that Hampton show....
Dead Pedantry: "Dark Star" was originally released as a 2+ minute standalone A-side. The single tanked. The Live/Dead version is certainly the first appearance in its majestic form, but the single is technically its original appearance.
@1 Actually, no. They broke it out at the Greek in 1984, as a long encore with beautiful NASA photographs projected above the band.
@4 good call :)
i don't understand this phrase:

"the Dead's 50th anniversary Fare Thee Well tour being prepped for a November 20 box-set release, mere hours after its completion."

The "tour," which consisted of 5 shows in two cities (Santa Clara, CA and Chicago, IL), ended on July 5, 2015. The 50th Anniversary box set, which comes out in November, has nothing to do with the Fare Thee Well Shows. And coming out months later, can't be said to be release mere hours after completion of the unrelated Fare Thee Well shows. Someone is confused
Hey Smookey,
It's no big deal. What's a little time dilatation between state of consciousness, anyways?
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Ah, I too was at that Hampton show in '89, living a miserable little life in adjacent Norfolk. The lengthy, high-volume segue between Dark Star's second verse and "drums" is vicious as anything I've heard before or since. Of equal note was an extended jam earlier that same set, emerging from Playing in the Band. It was the musical equivalent of a curious and unleashed child's ramble through the rooms and corridors of a magnificent, medieval castle. Unbelievable dexterity and transitions.