Lindy West looking gorgeous on her wedding day.
Lindy West looking gorgeous on her wedding day. Christopher Frizzelle

Lindy has a piece in The Guardian today about what her wedding was like—specifically, what it's like to get married in a world that is constantly telling you your body is wrong.

As a fat woman, if you ask for help or guidance on almost any topic, what you inevitably hear is some version of “Take up less space.” Diminish yourself. Feeling sick? Make your body smaller. Can’t find love? Make your body smaller. Undervalued at work? Make your body smaller. Can’t make your body smaller? Hide your body. Can’t hide your body? “Flatter” your body (ie make it look smaller). Choose an empire waist. Cover your arms. Your body is too unattractive. Your body is too expensive. Your body is too unruly. We want to see less of you, or preferably none at all.

So what'd she decide to wear on her wedding day?

The least “flattering” dress possible for a fat chick: a strapless, skin-tight mermaid gown exploding with silk flowers.

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It looked amazing. Here's the view from the back as she walked down the aisle.

So good.
So good. Christopher Frizzelle

Lindy writes about how it all went down right here.