A moment before Sandra Bland is noticed by Texas Trooper Brian Encinia.
The moment before Sandra Bland is noticed by Texas trooper Brian Encinia. That's her car there on the left. YOUTUBE/TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY

Before Texas trooper Brian Encinia's bad encounter with the black activist Sandra Bland, he had a good encounter with a college sophomore.

What we see in the video: A student, having apparently been pulled over for speeding and evidently not having had her insurance on her, receives a warning. (Her not having insurance is suggested by a request from the officer to have her father send insurance info by e-mail.) Encinia then asks her a series of personal questions: What year is she in in college, is she taking summer classes, how many classes she is taking? This bantering lasts from 00:30 to 00:40. Ten seconds. Now, had this bantering with the student lasted for 45 seconds instead of 10 (the student clearly wasn't in the mood to engage with the officer and kept her responses as short as possible), Sandra Bland would likely be with us today.

Forty-five seconds after he begins his banter with the student who is in no mood to talk to him, Encinia is back in his car, and Bland's car enters the frame, making a right turn into the main street. Encinia then pulls a fast U-turn, speeds up, and follows her closely. Bland only "breaks the law" (changing lanes without signaling) in response to Encinia's tailing. He activates the sirens (the moment sound returns to the video), she pulls over and stops, and the rest is history (a short part of which was captured by another witness).

Because Bland did not break the law before the officer followed her, it's fair to say that she was a victim of driving while black.