Hack the CD's Cultural Innovation Conference Attempts to Disrupt Gentrification in the Central District


So about the ever shrinking Af-American population in the CD.....The CD was historically one of the primary neighborhoods blacks were allowed to settle. So might a part of what you call gentrification be fueled by the fact that blacks can now live wherever the hell they want? I don't feel like digging right now, but I'm guessing if the overall percentage of African Americans as part of the city population has remained consistent over the years, this might be the case.
Black inactivists are condemning young black children to the new plantations – schools – where they can step-fetch'it for da' new massah: The teachers' unions which thrive on the troubled school archetype. God forbid some black kids assimilate to the Plateau, Bellevue, Edmonds or Mercer Island districts and communities, to learn some independence from The State.