God help me, but I'm going to have to link to the odious Daily Caller:

Erick Erickson recently stumbled across the term “cuckservative.” It’s a word that has been popping up on Twitter a lot lately, but this was the first time I’d seen someone of any consequence reference it. But the definition Erickson tweeted doesn’t really do it justice—as it elides the truly sleazy implications of the term. The goal is to obviously combine the words cuckolded with conservative.

A cuckold, of course, is a legitimate word for the husband of an adulterous wife—but that doesn’t really do justice to what they’re suggesting here, either. The people who throw this term around are most likely referencing a type of pornography whereby a (usually, white) man is “humiliated” (or ironically thrilled) by being forced to watch his wife having sex with another (usually, black) man. I’m not going to link to this, but feel free to Google it.

So what does this have to do with conservatism or politics? By supporting immigration reform, criminal justice reform, etc., a white conservative is therefore surrendering his honor and masculinity (and it won’t be long before his women folk are compromised, as well!). A cuckservative is, therefore, a race traitor. The suggestion is that whites should only support policies that help whites. The goal is to stir up fear among whites—and to encourage more tribalism and polarization.

Says Tommy Christopher at the Daily Banter...

The term is blowing up on Twitter right now, so Matt Lewis wrote about it in an effort to keep it from catching on with other conservatives as a synonym for RINO, which was good of him. I’m writing about it because I’m not nearly as nice, and I find it amusing on several levels. The self-satisfaction of the Trump fans who use this term serves to reinforce their own insecure, overcompensatory, and toxic masculinity, but it also reveals the razor-thin gradients of conservative belligerence. There is nary a Republican presidential candidate who disagrees with Donald Trump on the substance, and I’d challenge anyone to find a conservative blogger who hasn’t used the similarly pseudo-butch insult “beta male,” including Erick Erickson. Nice guys like Matt Lewis notwithstanding, the “cuckservative” slur and the Trump candidacy are as perfect examples as I’ve ever seen of reaping what you sow.

I apologize for the small role I played in popularizing the term "cuckold." Now I'm going to go take a shower.