Savage Love Letter of the Day: Magical Beasts


Please reconsider sharing details. We promise not to tell anybody. How fun would it be to make SB's rotten head explode?
Maybe this is just a quibble, but how can you have played around with guys who are not your significant other and still consider yourself 'strictly monogamous'? I mean - 'strict' has a fairly specific connotation. Why not just adopt 'monogamish', or even 'open'?
How about "okapi"?
Long thought mythical, fairly rare, but still very real albeit shy and not widely known.
Dan is correct, Strictly monogamous gay coupledom is not that rare and doesn't need a special nickname. We're here, we're boring, get used to it.

I'm curious though Dan (if you should deign to respond) - do you see less monogamy in the young gays today versus back in the dark, deadly ages when you and I were young? What do you other slog gays think? I wonder sometimes if the whole AIDS experience drove some of us middle aged guys to run to monogamy as a place of safety. I can't say I have any regrets, but I know that was a big factor in my decision-making back then.
Zebras are a common -- er, uncommon! -- animal to use in contrast to horses, as in the 'when you hear hoofbeats, look for a horse, not a zebra' adage.

@2 I was a bit confused too, but I believe he's saying he LOST his pegasus card by venturing out of strict monogamy.
@5 - Ahh... Makes much more sense now. Yeah, that wasn't coming through very clearly. Thanks!
Thank you notes after sex/kink parties are highly underrated. Everyone should send them, especially to the hosts. Putting together such an event is surprisingly hard work, attending is even in this day and age an emotional stretch for a lot of people (even gay dudes), and it's just generally nice. It's a pity Hallmark doesn't have a line for this occasion.
I have to reject the term "Pegasus." Unicorns are rare but at least they are a group. "Pegasus" is an individual.
I believe the proper term is "gay and monogamous", which isn't too hard to type and isn't really uncommon. "Unicorn" takes many more words to explain - in terms of the activity sought and the rareness of such a woman - enough so that typing it out each time is tedious. Hence the shorthand. Why does everyone want a special name?
I've heard "unicorn" used in several contexts, mainly non-sexual. Perhaps there's some sense in limiting the term in a sexual context, but I suspect it's just old tricks as usual.
Agree with 8: Pegasus is unique. Also I think it should refer to someone who pegs. Maybe the best pegger in the world?
@4 Having tramped through the 80's, 90's and 00's, I have to say I didn't see much monogamy back then, at least not with the dudes I was playing with (with or without my partner).
Maybe this is a regional thing, but here in the Midwest the rarest magical beast of all is the kinky woman that's not also a chain smoker.
@11: Good call. Maybe a pegasus could be a man who likes to be pegged? Those are rare.

(Kidding, I actually agree with @9 about not everything needing a special name.)
I'm finding it ENOURMOUSLY difficult to find a bi guy to join in a threesome with two opposite -sex partners, much more difficult than a woman aka unicorn. Is there a name for a male unicorn somewhere out there?
@16 Dudeicorn? (I just made that up, I admit it.)
I agree with @9 as well.

As for your etiquette question, before I read Dan's answer, I was thinking thank the guys who put the party together and send a quick, "It was nice meeting you" text or email to the guys whose contact info you got.