Shannon & the Clams fans swarm the Vera Stage Sunday at Capitol Hill Block Party.
Shannon and the Clams fans swarm the Vera Stage Sunday at Capitol Hill Block Party. Kelly O

I did a quick interview with Capitol Hill Block Party programming manager Eli Anderson to get his observations about how the event went this year. (Aesthetically, it surpassed my admittedly modest expectations.) It seemed like attendance was down in 2015 compared to the last few years, but Anderson, who, when asked, didn't provide any figures, says, "Overall we feel great about the event. Pretty much everything except the weather went about as smoothly as it could have. We have great, experienced production and security staff and it really shows. It's a tightly run event and we are looking forward to our 20th anniversary next year."

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As for the less-than-optimal weather, Anderson says, "I think ultimately we were more affected by the forecast than the actual weather. It really only rained in earnest on the Sunday, but if you were looking at your phone on Wednesday, it looked a lot more dire. We thankfully never had to stop the programming because of the weather, either."

Does Anderson think there will be any changes with Block Party moving forward? "Not sure what, if anything, will change next year. Obviously the neighborhood itself is rapidly changing, so we will see how many new apartment buildings they can squeeze into our footprint by 2016."