If they get rid of the DH then they'd be able to play real baseball.
Baseball is a verb now?
Sorry, the game experience at Safeco (incessant bombarding by the music guy, fans who don't even care to watch the game, stadium staff more interested in foolish rules than allowing fans to enjoy the game) is so bad I refuse to spend money there.
Put the Mariners and Baseball in perspective, e.g., the Chicago Cubs have been, for the most part, mediocre longer than the Mariners have been in existence. But people in Chicago don't lose interest in baseball nor the Cubs and continue to support them. Some Cub fans may be more nuanced and go to fewer games than in years when they were actually good, but they don't reject the Cubs nor the sport outright even if they're bad.

Be disappointed in the Mariners, but don't give up on baseball. At the least, just enjoy the game for the art form that it is, and wear earplugs when the cornball scoreboard entertainment gets too loud.
Trumbo was in the lineup today, not riding the bench. I was there.
@5 yeah, he DH'ed then moved to first. He was playing, but also mostly watching from the bench..
Cool things happen when I sit in my backyard, drink a shit ton of beer and stare up at the stars. And that doesn't get my blood pressure in trouble like the Mariners do. I'd be happy to support them year in and year out, even for a long stretch of losing seasons, if I could even figure out who half of them are. I mean I guess some of them have played more than two or three seasons, but half of them I've never heard of. Get off my lawn!
Also, the organ player does a decent cover of "Paint It Black" between innings.

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