The Death of the Obedient Pedestrian and the Rise of Sidewalk Rage in Seattle


Masterful sophistry once again
Watch mudede fall down an open manhole and break his neck
The most frustrating part of pedestrian activity is people who walk slowly. Unfortunately, everyone walks slowly because apparently I'm always surrounded by people who have nowhere to be. Until they enter there car, then they have to be everywhere as soon as possible.
Walking is better than driving, but biking is better than both.
"Damn Kids These Days!" Finds New Study
This can be solved with an app which directs people along the sidewalk, warning of collisions through distinctive beeps and vibrations.

The ad-supported version may occasionally steer you into a sponsoring shop now and then.
@6 We can start with a beta version that just displays the camera so they can see where they're going.
Not one of your well-reasoned posts. The examples you reference from Jane Jacobs are also examples of walking distractions. And I’m sure you’d agree a human interaction is more healthy than a smartphone interaction.

Also, Alzheimer’s.
presence = illness, distraction = health? false dichotomy much?
There should be a legally mandated test that measures the ability to demonstrate common courtesy in social situations. Those passing the test would be issued a license that allows them to leave the house.
It's called "situational awareness" Charles, and it's been a thing pretty much since humans have been on the planet. In the old days it was a simple strategy for keeping on the lookout for potential predators, then adversaries or competitors. Now, we use it to do things like not bumping into people on a sidewalk, or hitting them with our cars in a crosswalk, or avoiding being mugged. The only thing that's changed with the advent of mobile technology is that MORE people are doing LESS of it at any given moment. And yes, those of us who continue to practice this very important survival skill do become annoyed by the sheer unawareness of people too buried in their phones, tablets, iPod Shuffles, or Blue Tooth headsets to notice what's going on in their immediate surroundings. But personally, I chalk it up to a form of evolutionary adaptation, by virtue of the fact that these people saunter through life remaining blissfully unaware of all the things around them with the potential to cull them from the gene pool.
Unless I'm in a hurry, I don't mind people on smartphones that much. They're pretty amusing to watch at times. The pedestrians that annoy me are groups of friends that walk three or more abreast, take up the whole sidewalk, and either have no awareness of the fact that they're in your way or are just assholes. I think we should just put sidewalk extensions wherever possible since apparently the smartphone trend is pushing out the driving trend.
These problems will all be fixed by Google's new self-walking shoes.
I tell you what's a "thing" that is the most annoying, entitled bullshit I've seen so called adults do recently.

People sprawling on busy sidewalks. Sober, healthy god damned people. Laying there. Alone or in groups

Just laying down or sitting in the middle of a fucking busy urban sidewalk. Talking or texting on their phones (usually smoking, too).

Like: "hey, fuck you everybody during sidewalk rush-hour - lookit me all of you I'm forcing to hop over my oh-so adorably hipster self while I sit here and obliviously kvetch like I own the god damned place."

It started as a rare thing you saw every once in a while in Williamsburg. Then suddenly every where you go are entitled douche twenty-somethings just laying there like sloppy bags of shit playing a game of solo smart phone twister on the busy sidewalk.

The first time I saw it I assumed somebody been hit by a car or something. I immediately asked them if they were okay, if they needed help or something. And, talking on her phone, this snotty kick looked up at me and yelled "I'M FINE! I'm just waiting for somebody! GOD! Why does everybody keep bugging me?!?" Because your laying in the middle of busy sidewalk at 4pm?

On Tuesday some chick was doing it on 10th and John at like 5pm. Now I mock total alarm "OMG! Are you okay?!?! Do you want me to call an ambulance! Stay there. Don't move! I'll call an ambulance!" Then I pretended to call 911.

@12: I throw elbows at people who hog the sidewalk and don't make room for me to pass. I'm a fairly petite woman, so maybe some people just think I don't need space at all. Those people get elbowed.

I've enjoyed watching Seattleites cope with the increase in urban density over the last few years. I've spent enough time living in large cities to know how to fucking walk on the sidewalk, but old school Seattleites meander and weave and stop for no reason, then get confused/butthurt when people like me yell at them. Guess what? You don't live in a sleepy little burg anymore, time to stop acting like you do. People think New Yorkers are rude, they're not. They just don't want to get held up by your lollygagging ass.
the jaywalking is getting out of control downtown - walking into crosswalks on left turn lights, etc. just not paying attention. I'd suggest emphasis patrols, but I'm afraid the cops will shoot someone.
@4: How is biking better than walking?

It's also getting really bad in SLU - between the ever-changing construction obstacles, media-immersed tech-heads, and privileged Amazombies who apparently believe their boss owns the entire city - including the streets - there's not a day goes by when I don't have to give a warning honk to some clueless newb blithely wandering into traffic, because walking half a block to a proper crosswalk is either too difficult or too time-consuming.
@16 I'm not a fan of jaywalking on the best of days, as someone who lives as both a pedestrian and a driver. We both have to be as careful as possible. Now I'm even more vigilant because just the other day I saw a jaywalker get hit by a duck on a tour at Pine and 2nd. He was mostly ok except for likely needing scalp stitches. I feel you on the cop crackdown though. Let's just all be careful.
Presence is a problem? So it follows that you would welcome calls for your absence.

There's a lot of people in the city and those herds have got to be thinned.

It's faster and it's more fun.
Pedestrians Rule, Suburban Drivers Drool
@3 you mean old people and others covered by the ADA? Yeah, get used to it. If you want to get someplace fast, use a bike. This is Seattle, not Stillaguamish.