Get Your Ballots in the Mail Today


That was funny...for a minute there I thought y'all were endorsing that Beardo "I am an artist not a politician" Roderick.
Good on you. The Grant endorsement was the most embarrassing howler from the SECB I can remember seeing in the 15+ years I've followed Seattle politics.
Hey Dan...I mentioned you in my endorsement of Bill Bradburd. The SECB endorsement of Lorena Gonzalez was pretty lame, but I'm glad you voted for Roderick.
I agree #2. TBH their endorsement of Grant made no sense in the context of things they cared about and their other endorsees. Grant has the same exact (frankly, NIMBY) policies as non-endorsee Bradburd, so to endorse the former and not the latter is inconsistent. Similar too to the endorsement of Sawant, but that's unsurprising given their typical reader.

...all the authorities. They just stand around and boast.
How did Dan find my ballot?
Disappointed in the Roderick choice. He doesn't seem to have any better understanding of the issues than anyone else who reads the news 15 minutes a day. All I hear are a bunch of partially informed opinions, albeit expressed eloquently. He's charming, photogenic, has a little bit of attitude and certainly isn't poll driven -- I can understand the appeal. His pitch for more amateurs in politics is weak: I want a professional plumber, doctor and pretty much everything else I handle. The Tea Party is the current example of passionate, generalist amateurs, so, no thanks.

But if we must get the hipster council member from the artisanal pour-over party...
@4: I think Sawant broke their brains. I like Sawant too, in spite of the fact that she's wrong about some important stuff. The Stranger's political team likes Sawant entirely too much, such that they were tricked into endorsing a NIMBY jackass like Grant because he sang enough of the Sawant tune to remind them of their beloved.
Such a relief to know that everyone at The Stranger isn't off their endorsement game. Seriously do not understand the choice of Grant over Roderick.