By This Time Next Year, Washington's Pot Connoisseurs Might Be Smoking Oregon Marijuana


Heading down in a couple of weeks & looking forward to paying lower taxes (and no sales tax) on ALL my favorite recreational consumables!
Its too bad that Oregon's income tax system is sooooo terribly effed up and not sustainable! That's the reason I left there 15 years ago.
I, for one, will continue to grow my own. In Washington.
This article is somewhat disingenuous. While the legislature imposed a 37% excise tax, it replaced the existing 3-tiered taxing system, resulting in an overall tax decrease on recreational marijuana.

Additionally, the legislature did not change the cap is that is not within their purview. That is controlled by the LCB. The legislature did indeed ask the LCB to explore the possibility of raising the cap, specifically to accommodate the influx of medical marijuana retailers that may want to seek recreational marijuana status. From my understanding, the LCB has every intention of doing this and we will likely see the cap relaxed.

The new rules also relaxed other aspects of the recreational marijuana system, including allowing local governments to reduce the existing buffer zones around certain facilities. For a full rundown, see this post by MRSC consultant Jim Doherty:…
In my exdperience the legalisation isn't working aw well as it should so far. The restrictions on business are abound and there are definitely a few swindles on "edibles" as far as advertised content not being there. Does the department of measures verify these snacks and grasses? Heck no, that would be silly!
Now, back to the article - the best grass by far is in Eugene Oregon. Smoothest, sweetest, thickest, and with a truly deep hit. Eugene's climate is far more compatible for growing cannabis and the subculture of connoiseurs has been vibrant for decades. Sorry, but no dry around Seattle comes close to Eug-bud's excellence. And you can buy chunks of it if you're wealthy. Check it out on a weekend!