Wesley Holmes & Gene Lee 2X4
Wesley Holmes & Gene Lee throwing down an off-the-cuff 2X4 to cap off the night. Brooklyn Benjestorf

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Originally intended as a one-off, the LOST parties have taken on new life and complexity over the past few months. Event producers Gene Lee and Sean Majors (who have been friends and musical collaborators since college) organized their first night at Monkey Loft back in January, and after a resounding success, the two started to run with the concept. Some of you may remember the Polaroid snaps from LOST at the Roller Disco, and live DJ sets from the Monkey have been recorded and shared via the LOST SoundCloud. As promised, the crew is moving forward with an eclectic mix of parties for the future, with a bass night (BASSIC) planned for Saturday, August 15, and a fashion show called Look. It. Up. set for October 30 (both at Kremwerk). Last Friday, I cruised through a packed-out Monkey Loft with my camera to document the latest from LOST.

Cara gets lost. Brooklyn Benjestorf

Adine in the crowd,
Adine catches my eye from front and center of the ravenous crowd. Brooklyn Benjestorf

Mikey Mars
Mikey Mars making 'em sweat while he plays just before the 2X4 finale. Brooklyn Benjestorf

Nicki, Devra & Scott
Nicol, Devra, and Scott take a break to flash me some sweet smiles. Brooklyn Benjestorf

Love on the Dancefloor: Katy & Joey Webb
Dance-floor PDA: Katy & Joey Webb. Brooklyn Benjestorf

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Cal wears his sunglasses at night. Brooklyn Benjestorf

Riley as shark
Shark attack: Riley was rocking my favorite look of the night—totes appropriate for a summer soirée. Brooklyn Benjestorf

Hey Sailor!:
Hey sailor! I spotted this guy totally owning the dance floor a few times during Fleet Week—was fun to see him wilin' out all over the city. Brooklyn Benjestorf