the port race is too important to vote for gregoire. vote michael trew!
Now I'm almost afraid to comment because I've been accused of being unkind, but do you think the the demonisation of Gregoire and the Port and general had anything to do with it?
Ending with a preposition annoys me as much as Goodspaceguy.
I wish he'd run for chief of Seattle's space program.
Uh. Since Gregoire is clearly going to win, I think most of the Goodspaceguy voters are protest votes. Like, "I vote, and I have some issue with Christine Gregoire." Hard to say exactly what they don't like about her, but it's a more effective than not voting for indicating disapproval.
I am one of those dopes that voted for Goodspaceguy. Seriously. I did.

I know who he is. He's a crazy idiot who will never win election to office anywhere. He therefore makes a useful protest vote. I voted for him because I knew there was no chance he was going to win, and wanted Courtney Gregoire to know that I'm pissed off over the Port's Shell debacle. She's slightly less horrible than the other Port commissioners, but only just. She did not deserve to coast to an easy victory. It was inevitable that she would win, but I wanted her to win over my protest vote.

If by some bizarre miracle he had actually won the primary, I would have voted against him in November, because I'm not completely crazy and I wouldn't want to actually see him as a Port commissioner. As it turned out, the vote went pretty much exactly as I predicted it would. He never cracked 20%.
I voted for him because he's a good space guy. What more could anyone ask for in a candidate?
Who the fuck else were we supposed to vote for in that race? Gregoire is as useless and milktoast as her mom so he's out.

That left two crazies and of the two he had the better name.

It was either that or write someone in.
What @6 said, although I'll probably still vote goodspaceguy in the real election.

Courtney's first go was massively underwhelming to say the least. Hey Gregoire, how about you do something with that name recognition beyond the absolute barest minimum to be better than the alternatives?
What has a Gregoire ever learned from her mistakes except to cover her ass better?
Courtney Gregoire graduated from Willamette University and Harvard Law. Someone should inform Mr. GSG that neither is a "public school".
So Courtney admits that she made mistakes regarding the Shell oil rig; is that because Shell's presence turned out to be so unpopular? Frankly I don't believe she really knows what is going on in running the port but is serving as a figurehead with name recognition. A job like that is not the kind where you learn as you go along. Someone must be calling the shots behind her.
I vote for him in the primaries *because they're the primaries*. I wouldn't vote for him in a *tight* primary, much less the general. I pay $8/month for Netflix. Getting a chuckle off of Goodspaceguy only costs me an otherwise worthless vote once every two years. Worth it.
Yeah, I also did not buy the "I made a mistake and now I'll do better" line from Gregoire either, so rather than vote for her, I wrote in my opinion of the Shell deal. But I can see how people would vote for Goodspaceguy as a protest vote, like @6.

I really am disappointed that the Stranger endorsed Gregoire. She knew throughout the whole (deliberately hidden) process of negotiation with Shell that this region wouldn't willingly allow the deal if we had a say in it. She's not at all sorry for what she did and how she voted, she's just sorry she got caught. Fuck that.
Yep, @5 and @6. Votes for good space guy and the seemingly unqualified socialist candidate were really just votes against Gregoire. No real candidate wanted to run an incumbent with a seat open, so we got a couple of jokers.
I voted for Goodspaceguy because you said our current port commission is awful and I watched a commissioner hearing where shell no activists were speaking on and on (although the woman talking about stabbing the life blood out of mother earth was distractingly attractive, she seemed batshit cray-cray) and Gregoire didn't even show up to hear them.

Goodspaceguy is the crazy I think I know, and he also in the past, irrespective of batshit economics of it, talked about pushing to colonize space (a visionary!).

Now that I hear that he would have actually voted to use our mostly-vacant Terminal 5 to earn money by leasing to Foss which leases to shell, I'll be sure to vote for him again in the real election.

Nobody of any real credentials will run for a position that pays $42k/yr unless they're doing it in retirement or have they have some income-generating business that's so successful it's on autopilot.

If Gregoire wins, well, at least she's not doing Rob Holland-type improper expenses on travel... that we know of.
Reminder: this is what democracy looks like. It's as if the writer has a problem with that.
I am heartened to see the Stranger giving a WTF to stupid voting but it's kind of hilarious because for so many years you were advocates of "sending a message" and other playful voting techniques. Glad to see you are apparently no longer. 23K+ votes for goodspaceguy makes me want to 1) puke and 2) leave this increasingly stupid city. Oh well.
I can't explain the appeal of Goodspaceguy, but I can explain why I didn't vote for political climber and douchebag Courtney Gregoire, who colluded with all but one of the other commissioners and Ed Murray to hide the POS' negotiations to bring Shell to Seattle. Every last one of them deserves to be thrown out on their ass. That's why I wrote in "Someone who will not hide thd POS' business from the public." #ShellNo
I think for a lot of people it's the equivalent of writing in "Mickey Mouse" on your ballot.
The Stranger's endorsement of Gregoire was pathetic. You all are trending toward shittiness.
I wrote in Mike the Mover.
A mansplainer, yeah. Just what we need 'cause women don't have brains that can understand men's stuff like economics and world affairs, amirite? Yep, the Chinese totes got it right when they broke their little girls' feet and fold it into two, wrap it up and have their women walk on festering folded broken feet. Cause tiny infected broken feet are SOOOO beautiful! The oozing is nothing, just wipe it up. Horrible stink that makes you vomit? That's what perfume is foe. Unbearable pain? Pshaw, women are always whining over nothing, look at the fuss they make squeezing their kids out, those Mormons got it right, childbirth should be completely silent!
Can't understand why those people ever stopped that foot binding practice! We totes need to break our daughter's feet STAT! Why, how are they supposed to compete for men with giant hooves? Walking is totally overrated. No time to lose. Yo poets, write odes to tiny stinky oozing feet. Writers, what are you waiting for, tell the moms their daughters will never get a husband and shame the whole family if they have unbroken non festering feet. Sure, you'll have to keep rebreaking their feet every few months to get rid of the giant twisted ugly over calcified bones stumps. Total drag I agree, but being beautiful takes hard work. No pain, no gain, amirite? The HUSBAND will make it all worthwhile!
Oops, I meant those SCIENTOLOGISTS got it right. So sorry, Mormons.
Also, total coinsidink that women who had jobs and held office - before the beauty of oozing stench and broken feet were discovered - ended up walled indoors always having to lean on someone to stand or walk. Women don't want to work, if they did then they could have crawled wherever they wanted! Real women want to be taken care of!
Only the congental retards at Der Stranger would take valuable time out of gushing about Caitlyn Bruce transJenner to endorse another status quo/Wall Street loser like Gregoire.

Didn't her mother do enough damage, plus meet with Thomas "three chins" Freakman? (By damage, she, along with forver Gov. Gary Locke, signed onto the Interstate Compact bringing three out of every four ex-cons to Seattle, where they beat up --- or worse --- on the local population, and then they cry and cry and cry about hate crimes!!!!!)
I agree with @22, Doug, and to add insult to injury, they (Stranger staff) urge their gaytard boyfriends to troll in the comments section, instead of allowing thoughtful comments.

Time to return to promoting the Iraqi War, Paul Schell and his WTO, Ted Olson and ultra-neocon Caitlyn Jenner with the weird-ass voice.
@8: *milquetoast

But yes, I agree with you there.
If Goodspaceguy's 9% showing in a primary election justifies getting this upset, I can't wait until 2016, when The Stranger publishes a bunch of articles about how the Republican who gets 22% of the vote in the race against McDermott is proof that Seattle voters are taking a dangerous turn to the right.
Right turn made ages ago. Yes, Seattle is progressive ..... compared to Texas or Alabama. Sorta. About the money, well as long as it flows, it's all one direction.

It would be better to impose campaign spending limit and allow no contribution from outside organizations or PACs on behalf of candidates, and tightly limit use of radio/TV ads, robo call. Might force candidates to step out and face real people daily. Stump for votes the old fashion way. Now they have entourage and handler.

PR, lobbying and marketing groups, brand consultants and spin doctors will have a fit. The amount of $$$$ pouring in even in a one horse town is extraordinary. Money buys a lot of things. Pretty soon they'll tax you to help support this industry.

I voted for good space guy because he's the only one that makes sense. It's a port people, not a national wildlife refuge. Long live Shell, I wish them well battling the far left tards that run this town.
Yeah, with @6. The Stranger needs to stop thinking they are clever realpolitik by endorsing a wall street stooge.

If Sanders doesn't get the nomination, I'll vote Vermin Supreme in 2016
Why we should have ranked choice voting or IRV - Instant Runoff Voting, where people choose who they want most as #1 then 2nd choice on down the ballot. Then we wouldn't need protest votes.
We voted for Goodspaceguy so The Stranger might have a brain spasm and write this article!!! It worked .... more useless info from The Stranger.

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