Seattle Rock Royalty Will Play Stooges Songs on Pike Place Market Roof for KEXP


I am going to see this show. I've seen both Mudhoney & the Stooges at Bumbershoot oh, 10 years or so ago? I dig both bands. I think 'Funhouse' (1970) to be the greatest R&R album ever recorded. At least, it's my personal favorite. Rage Against the Machine covered 'Out in the Street'. And, I have 'Raw Power' as well.

Ought to be fun.
This will be a lot of fun...and me thinks it will be sonically on point! I do love the Stooges and I am sure these guys will do a bang up job. I personally would love to hear "1970" from Funhouse.

I do find it funny that KEXP is throwing a "free event" yet is still finding ways to beg for yet more money by having contests surrounding this concert. Their recent $100+ dollar special events really prices out a lot of fans which has a feeling they are ok just catering to those who have that kind of money to toss around to hang with Josh Tillman or Wilco in the oh-so diverse neighborhood of Columbia City. Give me a break KEXP...will you be passing around buckets for all us to toss some $$$ into?
I can take it or leave it each time.
This sound fun, but is also so KEXP: a bunch of old bands paying tribute to another old band.

I haven't listened to them in the last year because every time I did, they were playing the same stuff they played twenty years ago. Do they actually have any DJ's that play mostly new bands now?
@5 If you scan KEXP's charts, you'll notice that the station's DJs play a lot of new music.
@6, Maybe it's that they feature so many old, well-established bands, then. A Built to Spill or Wilco song at this point in their careers just doesn't sound all that fresh.

Their evening programming is awful. Do you really need Roadhouse, Shake the Shack, AND Swingin' Doors clogging up the 6-9pm slot three nights a week? It's all practically the same genre. And they haven't changed this in the eighteen years I've lived here. I think they need to shorten those shows down to an hour. Hour long shows with new DJ's would be a huge improvement and allow for way more variety.

Stations like KXLU in LA have a variety of evening shows like She Rocks (all girl bands), The Kids Are All Right (weird children's music from the 50's-80's), Demolisten (all listener submitted demos), the psych show, and Part Time Punks during those peak evening hours. Aside from Saturday night, KEXP plays an awful lot of really boring music in the evenings. And last time I listened to Audioasis, they played both Nirvana and Harvey Danger. It was no different than listening to The End.