City Council Approves Taxes on Guns and Bullets


Glad I live on the city/county line...
@2: me too, cheapskate.
I wish that more cities in America would enact the same. Unfortunately, it seems that Ammosexuals rule much of the country.
Another bs bit of pointless symbolism from a bunch of effete jackasses?

Am I supposed to be surprised?
I wonder if there will be a proliferation of gun stores in White a Center, Skyway, Shoreline, etc. I understand the reasoning for this law, but I don't think it will raise as much money as projected, and we may just see business move.
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@5: "pointless symbolism"? Hey, it accomplished more than the 50+ futile House votes to repeal Obamacare, and you seem to be pretty proud of those. Bite my liberal ass.
@6: >>>/pol/
@6: that's not what it is intended to accomplish, bigot.
Heidi, the next time you're at a Council meeting, could you please go up and yank Burgess's tie off? That might unhinge him enough that we could see if he is indeed human. So far, it's been hard to tell.
Burgess was grasping at straws to figure out a way to appear more liberal. This ordinance is election year grandstanding.
There's not a chance in hell it's going to break even on tax dollars. Both the existing gun stores inside the city limits will be moving. The local sales tax losses will far exceed the gun tax gains.
What's next, knife taxes?
So we're just taking a page out of the forced-birth playbook that the asshole seattleblues and his asshole fellow travelers are using to deny women their constitutional right to family planning services.

Death by a thousand cuts...incremental progress...never stop working.
PS to seattleblues...'re gonna lose for no better reason than 'you're an asshole."
Things will change when we have mandatory firearm insurance the same way that we have mandatory insurance for automobiles. People can be allowed to own as many firearms and as exotic of firearms as they can afford to insure. You can bet that insurance companies will require safety training, trigger locks, gun safes, etc. Unsafe shooters and teenagers will see their rates soar. The fine for uninsured firearm use can be similarly as high as the uninsured motorist fine. Firearms and automobiles can both be useful things to own, but so far we only hold drivers to be responsible for their actions. It is time that shooters prove that they are responsible firearms owners by carrying liability insurance for their weapons. State shooters licenses similar to drivers licenses would go a long way too.
I don't know how limited you think gun owners' options are in terms of places to purchase ammo, but I assure you the answer is "not limited".

In fact, I'm curious how many stores in Seattle actually still sell ammo.
@14, 15: see @11.

There's a right to murder inconvenient unborn babies not written in the constitution.

But the explicit right to have and bear arms doesn't exist.

Calling you a moron would be insulting to morons.

Hey idiot? Driving a motor vehicle is a state granted priviledge, contingent on liability insurance. The 2nd Amendment is a federal right.

Can ya see the difference, moron?
@5, 22, 23:

@19 25

Know what a right contingent on my earning it by outside legal standards is called? It's called a priviledge. See, a right merely is. It is, as some folks you dislike once wrote, self evident. Far from me proving my right, the state must show a compelling interest in any limits placed upon it. And even you admit that stupid laws asking criminals to comply with the law are in fact stupid ideas.

"The RIGHT to have and bear arms shall not be infringed upon." Seems pretty clear to me. But then, I can read an English sentence. Unlike, say, you.
Why does the City Council masturbate in public instead of doing it at home like everyone else? There's little chance that the ordinance will survive court challenges, but even if it were to be somehow upheld, gun stores would simply cease to exist within city limits. Not only would there be no new revenue, but the city would say byebye to sales tax revenue on $500 purchases.

What's most distasteful is that the city likes to talk a good game about supporting civil rights.....except when they don't like one of those rights. They're hypocrites, pure and simple. This is the same tactic of encumberance that the Texas Legislature employed to try to shut down abortion within their state. It was wrong when Texas did it with abortion, and it's wrong when Seattle does it with guns.
@27: "But then, I can read an English sentence. Unlike, say, you."
Um, apparently you can't. Because what you quoted does NOT actually appear in the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. For God's own sake, stop embarrassing yourself like this.
@22: Under the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment, all persons have the right to bodily autonomy, as part of a right to privacy implied by the text. This includes, for a biological female, the right to decide whether or not one's uterus is open for occupancy. If the only way to remove an embryo or fetus is to destroy it, well, that is too bad.
Also, legally and medically a fetus is not a baby (infant) until live birth, which precludes any possibility of babyhood until viability, at which point abortion is only permitted in cases of rape or medical necessity. The laws concerning abortion already specifically prohibit any baby-killing!
Not that any of this means anything to you, because you deny the objective facts of the matter concerning what is or is not a baby.

@23: If you think that federally-guaranteed rights are somehow immune from reasonable restriction based in the safety of the general public, I encourage you to shout "fire" in a crowded theater, or publicly encourage violent conduct, and see how well that argument holds up in court.

@27: "And even you admit that stupid laws asking criminals to comply with the law are in fact stupid ideas."
All laws prohibiting conduct prohibit said conduct by criminals and non-criminals alike. Therefore, all prohibitive laws are stupid laws. Therefore, it is stupid to ban any sort of conduct, and we should live in a society where nothing is legally prohibited and people are free to commit whatever wanton acts of violence and degeneracy they wish.
This is what Seattleblues actually believes, and yet he claims the gays are the ones destroying our fair culture by tearing down our collective morality.

Yeah. Whatever, little fella. Unlike you I have responsibilities to attend to today. I don't have time to pretend you make sense in your little games of make believe. Now run along and find a little friend to play with, okay kiddo?
Ahh, Burgess' Fresh Bucks
I can hardly wait for the trophy check to arrive at the Second Amendment Foundation offices. You know, the one from the Seattle treasury, paying the SAF's legal fees? Just like happened in Chicago. It will go straight up on the SAFs FB page, like a trophy animal head. Oh, I'm just beside myself with anticipation of that event!
And on cue, Seattleblues run away from the conversation, screaming "victory!" as he flees.

What a coward.
@19 "State shooters licenses similar to drivers licenses would go a long way too."

Fine, as long as I can carry any of my insured guns anywhere in public, open or concealed, anywhere in the country. Just like driving licenses are honored anywhere in the country. See what I did there?
@ 31, I love it when you run away like that. Usually you just never come back, but this is SO how you admit you were shown up. Always a treat.
@33 I hope when Gottlieb endorses the back, he adds, "Thanks, Seattle taxpayers! XOXO"
I'm sorry, I know I lost. I...
It's been hard for me lately, my boyfriend says I need to stop this charade, that I need new material, I should stop calling everyone children. I don't really have responsibilities... Just online chess.
@38: I'm curious how you can post under some one else's screen name. How does that work? You have a different email address obviously, you just joined us on Friday, but I thought there was some mechanism preventing duplications like this?
@31: Oh, I already attended to mine. Shelves stocked, coworker mentored, mis-picks caught, affairs set in order. You're lagging behind, old man.
@39: It's easy. The first lower-case 'L' in Seattleblues there is actually an upper-case 'i'. Someone created a new username "SEATTIEBLUES" only not in all caps. Common sock-puppeting tactic here.
@40: Oh, I see!
Thank you, the lowercase l vs the uppercase I never occurred to me, old lady that I am. :)

What a stupid, useless tax.

As a seriously liberal fellow, it's always defied comprehension for me; my fellow liberals undying love for useless, feel-good bullshit gun laws that will have no effect whatsoever in reducing gun violence. This piece of shit in particular will be stricken down as unconstitutional before it will ever take effect... with nothing to show other than a giant legal bill for the taxpayers.

You all have been suckered by Tim Burgess' obvious and transparent ploy to boost his liberal street cred. The lefty zealots are just as delusional as the right-wing wackos pumping up Donald Trump.

P.T. Barnum was right.