In Food News: Bill's Off Broadway Reopens, Vegan Doughnuts Come to Ballard, and S'mores Roast on Capitol Hill


The Stranger.

Now for the bourgeoisie.

Oh how the might-be have fallen.

Remember when the people who worked at the stranger were...poor. people. normal. folk. not rich, uptight, self absorbed, can't-see-the-forest-from-the-trees asshole types?

Your the Man, stranger. You've lost it all.

You were human once.

You were.

Now you're a book of shitty advertisements.

I used to read you.

Now, I open you and regret
Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery - holy fuck that place sounds like everything I dislike about new capitol hill. I'm sure its going to do great business.
Did somebody say pom-tini night? Yummy, looks delish!
I cannot for my lease to be up on Capitol Hill.