Hisashi Iwakuma Throws No-Hitter as Mariners Make Themselves Noteworthy for Maybe the Last Time


In true Mariner fashion, both Kuma and Felix's gems were Wednesday day games, ensuring the smallest possible fan viewership.
Baseball isn't for watching on TV anyway, and there were 25000 at Safeco. I listened to the game at work, and it was the quietest no-hitter I could imagine. I had to keep checking if there were still no hits throughout the game!

Happy for Kuma, and there's still time for an impossible run now that nearly everyone, me included, has given up.
In spite of the no-hitter, trading Iwakuma prior to the deadline would have been a good thing for the organization if a promising prospect haul was in the offing. 20 plus years ago, some fans were screaming bloody murder when Langston was traded, but we got Randy Johnson in the package.

Baseball on TV is good, not as good as being at the game, but not bad--better pitching location and batting mechanic/swing views.
@3: I don't trust Jack Zduriencik to make a good trade. Have you checked Wellington Castillo's stats lately?