In Pot News: Pesticides, Cameras, and Teenagers (Plus a Seagull)


Brendan - Washington I502 pot is subject to strict pesticide rules. Just FYI
@ 1. Corrected, thanks. There are guidelines, though there are some serious doubts about how strict they are and how strictly they're enforced.
That's true. There is no testing for residual pesticides. I don't think any state does that or has proposed that but I could be wrong. On the flip side, medical pot has no standards at all and straight up illegal pot has none of course. I think Ike's is the only store in the state that is in full compliance with the letter of the law on pesticides. WIth every sale we give out a sheet with each manufacturer and what pesticides were used. I think it lists "none" if they used none. The definitions of pesticides are so lame we ever list Neem oil. Soap and water would be considered a pesticide under 502. It is basically just any substance used to control pests.
@3 I wrote a long article about this for you guys. And spent hours combing through the WSU list of 502-approved pesticides to see if there were any scary ones. As much as I wanted that to be the story, it's not and I had to report the truth, which is that the system is set up pretty well. We don't have issues like the Eagle 20 one in CO because it's very clearly disallowed in WA and no grower is willing to risk their license for a gimmick solution like that. The LCB doesn't have residual testing set up yet, but they do have inspectors visiting grows randomly to check for compliance. Our friend at Crosscut went for the easy, alarmist story. I know because that was the story I set out to write. But it's a nuanced issue. Yes, residue testing would be ideal, but it's prohibitively expensive and growers are shelling out crazy amounts for testing as is. The random inspection method works because growers here have so much to lose. Even the one bad egg who has no ethical issue with using Eagle 20 isn't going to risk a weeklong shutdown to use it.
@5 Thanks for posting this. Could I get a copy of the article you wrote?
@6 You were in it, dude! You had the closing line: "I want my shit tested." Go to the search bar up top and type in "What's on Your Weed?"
@6 & @7 ....

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