Seattle to Get Seven New "Hyperlocal" Low-Power Radio Stations


Any expectations as to how many people will actually listen to these stations? What programming will they offer to actually get people to listen? And how will listenership be measured -- or does anyone really care?
I want to start a station that is all Mantovani and Ray Conniff, with maybe a little Dolly Holiday thrown in for good measure. How do I do that?
NPR's shameless and vigorous lobbying (coordinated with the NAB) against LPFM is why I stopped contributing to NPR affiliates 15 years ago. Completely unacceptable, and I will never contribute another dime to them until they acknowledge and apologize for their role in stalling LPFM for over a decade.

Support your community radio stations instead.
Kent East Hill had its own low power hip-hop station a number of years ago.

Catalina: I thought that is why KIXI is still on the air.
My station would make KIXI look like KEXP. I'd take my inspiration from one of my role models, Nurse Ratched.…
@1, You can't even get KEXP any farther south than the north end of Boeing Field, which is why I never listen to them or donate money to them.
Catalina, don't forget the Jackie Gleason Orchestra in that playlist. Also, how about bringing back the old KBRD? We need more musak in our lives!
I am not ashamed to admit that I listen to Jackie Gleason and Mantovani at work when I have to concentrate on something. My cube is right next to the mail room, so it is always loud and sometimes the conversations are so byzantine that I need bland instrumentals to drown it all out. Plus, it seems to fit utility work.