Punk Place Market: Stooges Tribute/KEXP Benefit Show Raw Power Was Raw, Powerful (But Coulda Been Louder)


I leaned over to my friend and said "He better have his shirt off by the end of the set." Oh well.
Shirt or no shirt, Mark Arm sounded awesome as did the rest of the band...The growl Mark Arm let out for TV Eye was pretty kick ass. This event was a lot of fun.

Two non-musical things of note, people around me started booing John in the Morning when he started to introduce these guys and where I was standing, tourists, senior citizens and just confused people were caught in the crowd with very little room to get out which was really weird.
That's a humorous anecdote about the little girl and her Dad. Yeah, I was there all right. A good but short set. Two things: I was puzzled at why Arm kept his shirt on and why they didn't play 'Raw Power'. The event was called 'Raw Power' after all. Meh, no problem. Arm's voice sounded remarkably like Pop's.

Nice to run into friends from Michigan appropriately enough. Also, I'm proud to have viewed the Stooges themselves 10 years ago at Bumpershoot with Mudhoney backing them up.
Godsmack coming to Kent Events Center in November!

@2, John in the Morning getting booing doesn't sound like that big a surprise. He plays a lot of wussy music on his show diametrically opposed to what the Stooges sound like. The Sonic Reducer hosts would have been a better choice for introducing them.
I meant getting booed:/
Louder woulda been better but it was still pretty cool. However, no "I Wanna Be Your Dog" ? Not cool.
Look at Bailo trying to seem cool. Pathetic. No one cares about Godsmack.