Lawrence Lessig Wants to Hack the Presidency


The guy obviously sounds wonderful, though I kinda don't understand why he doesn't just ask bernie (since EW has made pretty clear she's out) to pass his bill.
Such pure unadulterated asshattery!

The president doesn't pass bills, Congress does. Unless he could get 51 Senators & 218 Representatives to go along with him, his presidential pen is nothing but a flaccid, inkless prop.

And that "mandate" bullshit? Since when have congressional opponents ever given two fucks about the opposition's supposed "mandate"???

(That's why Health Care reform just sailed through Congress unopposed in 2009, right?!? Asshats!)
Yawn. A million bucks is chump change in a presidential election.
The news media is the biggest reason people don't vote. How is he going to change that?
I don't get how he'd pass the bill either. Kind of an important detail... Or maybe it's a trick since then he'll never have to resign.
Voting vouchers, fund matching? Big money is far better.
I thought clicking on the link for the "Citizen Equality Act of 2017" would take me to a copy of the bill he wants Congress to pass. Instead, I got a YouTube campaign video. Too bad -- I was hoping the text of the bill would explain how it gets around the First Amendment, which is what the Supreme Court says trumps all the other campaign funding restrictions it has addressed (except the one for judicial elections). I don't agree with the Citizens United decision, but so long as it is grounded in the First Amendment, you're not going to overturn it with an Act of Congress, short of re-writing the First Amendment (and I shudder to think what the current Congress would do with that little project).
I really thought that Lessig was so much smarter than this.
He should use a machete.
Wouldn't the current SCOTUS shred The Citizen Equality Act of 2017 into ribbons?
I like the idea of course - but he failed pretty badly with the Mayday PAC last time around. Why does he think this would go any better?
Sigh, this is a publicity stunt to call attention to the desperate need for voting and elections financing reforms, right? NO ONE is going to vote for someone who's planning to resign; and only the drooling teanutz, the white-power idjots and the psycho-abusers wiil vote on just one issue.
Also, I realize I'm shallow, but that pic of him really doesn't help - need to lose the smug smirk and try the furrowed-brow, I'm really worried about our country look.
Donate the million to lawsuit to overturn Citizen United.
Ok, I looked at his pic again. Maybe that's not a smug smirk; Lose the constipated chipmunk look, M Lessig. And please please NEVER mention the word voucher again. Making people think about those people who got tree tax-payer funding to send their precious to private schools is not a good idea when advocating for lessening the influence of big $$$.
*free tax payer funding, Loathe; loathe, LOATHE auto correct.
Since I've already admitted to shallowness, M Sanders' team needs to make him look younger. Not much they can do about the color now, but they can make him look more John Slattery and less "mom's thesis advisor back in the prehistoric days when she was at Uni."
wow, it's like--he hasn't considered the practical effect of how he's gonna do this bill when he becomes president. what a mook this prof is.

Almost as though this is a SYMBOLIC RUN meant to COMMUNICATE A MESSAGE DURING THE ELECTIONS. But he couldn't have intended that, because that's smart, and I've heard about him and from the facts I've taken in, he seems dumb and reactionary. It's probably me who is the smart one.