A Rally of Loners: (Ayn) Rand Paul at Town Hall


"there were not zero people of color"
So there were people of color... there was some number of people of color other than zero?
Oops... sorry. Missed the parenthetical.
My bad.
For real? This song is apropos?

It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no senator's son, son
It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one, no

Idiot, you're a CONGRESSMAN'S SON. Stop getting perms.

I can't get past that circa-1986 font on that sweater.
The sweater looks super comfy except for the words on the back. Hopefully they are just construction-paper cutouts or made of masking tape so the sweater can resume its normal job of being warm & comfortable before too much longer.
I sometimes wonder if Ayn Rand was a soviet disinformation agent designed to poison us with horrific ideas that were completely impractical.

People blowing up their own buildings?

It's like a blueprint for terror and madness.

"...an introduction that slightly undermined Dr. Paul's credentials."

You know what also undermined his credentials? Forming a fake certification board so that he could retain the "Dr." to precede his name. Similar to how he literally just bought an election, the man simply throws money at whatever obstacle might undermine his vanity or ambition.
Did everyone already finish talking about how Paul resembles The Wire's Tommy Carcetti? Am I too late?
Really, using a double negative so that the average person would think that there was no one of color there. What a cheap shot and saying this;

"When Paul started going into detail about the specific follies of war in Syria and the US's fight against ISIS: crickets. When he talked about racial injustice: crickets. When he talked about helping the poor: You get the idea. “Why don’t WE become the advocates of justice?" Paul asked. The crowd didn't seem to have an answer. "

was an outright lie. There were cheers for all of that. You insult me, the people that were there, and your readership with the outright lies to promote your single minded agenda of Liberalism.
And this is why you will always write blogs.