Hillary Compares GOP Candidates to Terrorists. Good for Her.


Hyperbole is never "good".
@3: It is when it is funny.
As far as political hyperbole goes, this is pretty tame stuff -- well, it's "tame" during an election where a reality TV clown like Trump is running, and extremist candidates are openly stating there are absolutely no circumstances where an abortion should be legal. That is policy that would have direct consequences for the lives, health and safety of all women of childbearing age. We're well past the point of worrying about hurting peoples' feelings, and Hillary isn't the one who brought us there.
Why the uproar? What she said is true.
Rich, I hate popcorn but I have a fresh batch of Oatmeal cookies with white chocolate chips, dried cranberries and chopped walnuts will that do?
Good for her.
Demanding an apology? The clown car has gone full-on comedy show.
What the right is completely oblivious to is their fanaticism. They aren't really 'right-wing' anymore, but entrenched extremists who refuse to compromise. We have 15+ years of evidence of this. Calling them "terrorists" is actually dialing it down a bit from what they've actually been doing.
@10: Well, with whom would you rather enjoy a cup of tea with - a GOP candidate or a leader of ISIS?
Agreed: Good for Hillary. No one person ever has all the answers, but the GOP and Tea Party have only proven themselves as nothing more than fear-mongering terrorist weapons of corporate profit-lusting mass-destruction.
she works with the christian wing of hollywood (the family) to prevent transgressive art. this sounds pretty hypocritical, and sickly political.
also isis is a wing of blackwater. who are owned by omegacorp. who are owned by her friends.
Palin interviewing Trump on FOX TV? So much for "nature abhors a vacuum!"
@13: I have concerns about your blood pressure.
@16: No, it was on the One America News network.
This is a bit of a stretch, but a reasonable statement. If someone says something very racist (as a matter or public policy) it is reasonable to suggest that you would expect such statements from the KKK, but not from a Republican. Organizations such as the KKK and ISIS are horrible for two reasons -- they advocate radically harmful policies, and their weapons of choice (beheading, raping, hanging) are horrible. The former is key here. ISIS doesn't want girls reading -- is banning abortion at the same level? As I said, it is a stretch, but not too much of one. To have one of your "shining stars" of the Republican party say that he is opposed to abortions even in cases of incest and rape is rather extreme, in my book. It simply discounts the rights of the woman -- the victim in this case. Force a woman to carry a baby to term after her Dad put a gun to her head and raped her? Yeah, that is rather extreme.
@12 "Well, with whom would you rather enjoy a cup of tea with - a GOP candidate or a leader of ISIS?"

Oh that's easy a leader of ISIS. At least they'd be interesting to chat with over a cup of tea. No less crazy then our GOP candidates but at least it'd be a slightly different crazy.
pot calling kettle
@21: Oh yes, that's a deliberately absurd answer from you. I know you think mass beheadings and throwing gays to their deaths are evil - but you want to be provocative as much as Mrs. Bill does to deflect criticism away from her self-inflicted e-mail debacle. Got it.
@21: Oh, and Mrs. Bill still remains the best chance for the dems to have another term. Had she won in 2008, our country and world would be in better shape that eight years of Obama.
How so, drip? The most likely difference I cam readily think of is that she probably wouldn't have undertaken the health care overhaul, meaning we'd have millions of more uninsured domestically. Not sure what she could or would have done any differently on a global scale.
@26: She is less naive and more hawkish than Obama when it comes to foreign affairs, domestically she is more business friendly and savvier, more practical than personally ideological when negotiating, and she would have had her husband's guidance.
Raindrop dear I get why you might think my response was flippant. In away it was. But for the most part I was/am serious. You asked "Well, with whom would you rather enjoy a cup of tea with - a GOP candidate or a leader of ISIS?"

It really is an easy answer. I'd go with the interview subject I don't know well. I've heard the GOP responses before over and over, kinda hard to avoid hearing them here in the USA. So yeah sitting down for a tea with an ISIS leader would be more interesting.

Thus an easy pick.
She is never going to be President. She is guilty of multiple violations of the Espionage Act. She is going to prison.
@30: At first, ISIS would try to be gracious with fine gold rimmed china and a 19th century silver tea set with piping hot Earl Gray. But it would inevitably be a very short conversation, except for a very long beheading with only the butter knife, resulting in blood-soaked scones and cucumber sandwiches.
@32 That is quite the fever dream you are having.

I never said I'd place myself in a situation with either an ISIS member or a GOP candidate without safeguards in place.

Hell might even require that Ted Cruz be shackled to a chair bolted to the floor before hand. Just leave enough slack so he can drink his tea and enjoy the scones and finger sandwiches.