I See Orcas Everywhere


Yeah, if we don't do anything about global warming NOW, soon those will be THE.ONLY.ORCAS left for us to see. The southern pop is down to 89! If the numbers go down more the gene pool won't be large enough to keep them from going extinct.
So can we please just save our last remaining orcas and now that the criminally gluttonous fossil fuel industry (i.e.: Big Oil and Big Coal) are losing their ill-gotten dirty money and profits already?
Should we do something now? Yes.

Will it be enough? Probably not.

If you live in Seattle proper and commute by transit or bike or walk or have 15 min or less drive, your biggest impact is flying. Do something about that, like only using turboprop planes or 787 fuel sipping jets. Not like we have high speed rail ...
Grab your passport, get back on the ferry, and come home. You'll be fine.
But first go to the visitors center across the street from the topiary. You can get an orca on a pressed penny.