Says Ted Cruz...

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz told Newsmax TV on Friday that he can win the Hispanic vote because they support conservative values. "I grew up in the Hispanic community," the Texas senator, son of a Cuban immigrant, told "The Hard Line" host Ed Berliner. "It's who I am. Hispanics, the values in our community, are conservative values: faith, family, patriotism."

Says Rachel Campos-Duffy at The National Review...

Hispanics are social conservatives. They are family-oriented, pro-life, and pro-traditional marriage. So, if the party of secularists and liberalism and “abortion on demand”—and its leader, Obama—are so bad for Hispanics, why did more than 70 percent of them vote for him?

You hear this all the time from Republicans: Hispanics and Latinos—the cartoonist Terry Blas explains the difference between them in this brilliant comic—are social conservatives! Natural Republicans! Or as Ronald Reagan supposedly put it in 1984: "Latinos are Republicans; they just don't know it yet." But are Latinos and Hispanics really all that conservative—natural or otherwise—on marriage equality and abortion rights? Nope: they support legal abortion by a wide margin and they support marriage equality. (That link is from 2012. Four years later Latinos and Hispanics, like the rest of the country, most likely support marriage equality at greater rates than they did in 2012.)

But let's play let's pretend, shall we?

Let's pretend Latino and Hispanic voters hate it when gay people got married and let's pretend that, like Mike Huckabee, Latino and Hispanic voters want to station federal troops between the legs of every pregnant woman in America. Would Latinos and Hispanics vote Republican then? I don't think this so. Not with Donald Trump out there calling for building a wall along our border with Mexico, not with Scott Walker trying to outdo Trump by proposing a wall along our border with Canada, not with most of the GOP slate calling for an end to birthright citizenship, and not with Jeb! Bush—a man who is married to a Mexican immigrant—taking weeks to rebuke Trump's attacks on Mexican immigrants ("they're rapists") but only moments to respond to Trump's attacks on Megyn Kelly.

And not with this shit going on:

The video is closing in on two million views.

Yeah, no. Even if Latinos and Hispanics were natural conservatives (which they're not), and even if they hated the gays and the abortions we're constantly getting (which they don't), you know who Latino and Hispanic voters are going to hate more? People who want to deport their moms and dads. The politicians who call them "anchor babies." And the party that can't figure out a way to sideline a demagogue who had this to say after learning that two men who assaulted a Hispanic man—they beat him with a pipe and urinated on him—said they were inspired to do so by his comments on immigration:

“I haven’t heard about that,” Trump said. “It would be a shame, but I haven’t heard about that.” He then added: “I will say that people who are following me are very passionate. They love this country and they want this country to be great again. They are passionate. I will say that, and everybody here has reported it.”

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UPDATE: This just went up on Trump's social media platforms...