Federal min. Wage doesn't prevent Seattle from having a higher minimum wage. My understanding is federal law is a minimum standard and cities can choose to have more srandards. So if the federal law doesn't include independent contractors I don't believe it means that a city could not.
Heidi, where is the text of O'Brien's proposal ?
Council Member O'Brien is "introducing legislation" September 8.
Here come the cheap labor trolls.

Oh goody.
i'm wondering what the result is behind this decision in CA that classifies Uber drivers as employees and not contractors? i'm guessing Uber is appealing it, but it seems like our Council could request or direct the State to pursue similar actions?

The logic of the decision (page 7,8) is pretty clear that Uber drivers are employees, and the whole 'contractor' label is a scam perpetrated by Uber.

I'm confused why so many people think that having the people who drive them around and are responsible for a bunch of lives on the road should be squeezed to the point of poverty wages.

Why is this a good thing?

What they really need is full and complete disclosure to prospective drivers that shows what the true costs are. Driving around giving rides to people in your own car means you are paying all the gas, insurance, maintenance, car payments, and increased wear and tear out of your own pocket before you see a dime of profit. Most people don't have a clue how much that is. I would guess that most of these drivers get into it thinking they will make way more money than they really do after they pay all their own expenses.

If drivers knew what a shitty deal it is, how little they'll actually make, nobody would drive for these ride-sharing companies.
...or the city/county could exercise their regulatory authority to mandate minimum rates, which would be entirely within their scope of authority and enforceable.
@7 has right idea: full disclosure.
If Uber/Lyft drivers want to drive based on the facts, fine.
If not, then fine as well.

I have no objection to anyone organizing but idea that Seattle should require it is ludicrous.
Mike - you have now made Takele Gobena lose his job! Why would you do that. Uber no longer wants him working for them! Do you have another job for him? Is he going to be your assistant?

Funny how things turn around. I was a driver back when taxi's were at city hall crying about how we were taking their jobs. Now the taxi drivers are Uber drivers (have you seen how they drive???) and they are crying yet again. Seeing as how you are an independent contractor you can either A) Do what any smart person would do and find better work, B) Suck it up buttercup. I chose option A.

On a side note; I now refuse to take ridesharing anymore. When it started it was great conversation, a good ride, from a polite and respectable driver. Now its just another shitty taxi driver who doesn't speak English.
@ 11 You are incorrect that taxi drivers are considered independent contractors as the term is used in this state. That's why companies like Uber can thrive--the law as it currently stands enables the companies to take advantage of the fact that they aren't required to pay L&I, unemployment, payroll taxes, etc., and they gain a competitive advantage against the taxi services. Meanwhile, as we've clearly seen in Seattle, the cab drivers simply start driving for Uber et al. Instead of the council's proposal, I would support amending state law (titles 51 and 49 RCW) to include drivers for rideshare services as employees, irrespective of any contract to the contrary.
That should be titles 49 through 51--wouldn't want to leave out unemployment.
Join Uber and make money on your spare time or become your own boss. Or become unionized and turn yourself into a taxi company with a boss. Good luck with that.
"Under O'Brien's proposal, the city would approve the nonprofit organizations doing the bargaining"

Just check O'Brien's donor list. Already "pre-approved"!
Smells like a lie! $2.14 liar! So how did he live in 2014? What was his pre-tax, pre-expense earnings? he's lying. Uber can't be forced to hire "Union Drivers". What are the drivers going to do? Go on strike? No they won't. Then they'll be making less than wait they say they're making right now. With car payments, etc. They (drivers) will lose big time. Cab companies won't go for it either.

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