The Rentboy Raid Burned Up the Internet All Weekend


I'm so glad you picked this up. Anyone who's ever cared for a severely disabled person—whether life partner, parent, child, friend, or neighbor—can recognize Rob Yaeger's [the Jake Jaxson vid] deep humanity and loyalty. Those who know and/or depend on professional caregivers of all kinds should be able to appreciate that for the vast majority, "caring" is real, multi-dimensional, and goes far beyond tasks performed for financial compensation.
Goddammit, Mehlman, will you just retire the troll persona and be yourself already.
When escorts are outlawed, only outlaws will have escorts.
Another completely stupid law from a backward country. Particularly stupid when websites connect clients directly with workers and exclude pimps and gangsters. I am starting to smell a rat.

Incidentally, I know a few former sex workers who worked 35+ years ago. They have all done very well. One did it to pay her way through law school and she is now very senior. Others did it for the easy money and are now very comfortable. One in particular is quite rich. I can assure you that they do not seem to be in the least fazed about their former employment.

NO, it wasn't me. I am male and not purty enough - not even 35 years ago.
Dan -- I'm betting you personally know high ups at Lambda Legal, the ACLU, Southern Poverty whatever it is and they know and trust you.

Please call your friends and make the case why a major rights org should defend

This was the least exploitive sex worker web site out there.

Sex workers everyone would be better off and less trafficking if there were more businesses like rentboy wasn't doing anything still does and that's protected by law.

rentboy charged a very small fee for ads (global exposure for $60 a month) and nothing to use the site. It was virtually a public service and with the Hookies awards and youtube videos amazingly sex positive.

Here's hoping some major players defend them.
Just to prove the point I paid a nice young man to fuck me on Saturday. Thank goodness for!
Ridiculous. Sex work should be legal and regulated.
Never mind Lamda Legal-- Dan, do you have the ability to contact John Oliver? His show is on hiatus for two weeks, but he really needs to lead with this first thing he gets back. This story has everything: it's sad, deeply unjust, and has lots of buttsex jokes. The only way it could be more John Oliver would be if John Oliver were arrested for giving handjobs in Times Square. Which is of course, impossible, because he's British.
Anyway, just in case this case weren't strange enough already, read this:…

Rentboy is headquartered in Manhattan. And their DA was initially listed on the Press release following the bust. But the Manhattan DA, Cy Vance, called the Feds and told them to take his name off the press release because his office had nothing to do with it.

The actual charges were done by the DA of Eastern New York. And when the investigation started, that person was Loretta Lynch, who left in April to become the Attorney General of the U.S.

So did Lynch start this thing expecting to find trafficking, drugs, and money laundering? And then she left town and somebody in her office was like, "well there's people talking about slings and peeing on each other... we'd better file this thing!"

It all sort of looks like a cascading fuckup with nobody in charge.

With so many normal people having been originally titillated and subsequently becoming blasé over 50 Shades, etc., how on earth can Homeland justify needing to explain what a sling or a twink is. So mid 20th century. Sounds preposterous to me.
@4, Wise words, I think. I like them whatever.
OMG, what a load of chicken shit this Raid is. If I was eligible to go find a Rent-Boy, I would tonight. Maybe two.
@12 You are eligible to go find a Rent-Boy. Or the like on the other rent boy type sites that are still up. Contact one and take him out to dinner. Sure it'll cost a couple hundred plus dinner but the first thing you'll learn is that sex is really only about 20% of it. If that.
@13, sex workers in Oz, lot cheaper than a couple of hundred $s. Dinner? Where did I mention dinner.
I live in the bush/ country/ near trees.. Not many Rent-Boys close by. It was a statement of solidarity, rather than an actual plan.
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@14 Oops sorry didn't know you lived in the outback. Knew you lived in OZ the name was a good clue. Oh well, next time you get to the city go on hire a rentboy OZ has lots of sexy ones. And yes take him out to dinner, if you're gonna hire one why not make an evening of it.
And regarding comment 15. I don't know how it happened, but WordPress corrected the error internally somehow. So please forgive my confusion, and disregard the new URL in the comment; the original one works just fine. Blushing furiously, --DC
@16, Mach.. No, not the Outback, the Bush. I am on the outskirts of a city, Sunshine Coast, in Queensland.
And thanks. If I need a RentBoy, Im fine to go with one.
I wonder if Gay marriage getting passed is one of the triggers for all this Moral bullshit that's going on.
LavaGirl, the Bush and the Outback aren't the same thing? Hmmm never really thought about it but now that you mention it..... oh well my bad. Everything I know about OZ I learned from Terry Pratchett's The Last Continent. ;)

Well The Bush and The Outback, as we know.. Are very different things.
In the loose venacular of Australia, The Outback is off west. Right where it gets very dusty and a long way from the Ocean.
I'm a few miles from the ocean, still surrounded by trees and Bush. You know, rich and lush.
Big continent, Australia. I want to catch trains and buses all the way round and thru it, before I head out. No desire to see anywhere else..
Being dropped in Paris for a few days, always a fantasy. Paris not like my fantasy, anymore.
Oh good, the morals patrol is here to save us! I feel like we killed the Taliban and now we have their limp. (A "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" reference.)