Mayor Murray Picks Up What's Left of His Spine, Trundles Forward With Housing Affordability "Grand Bargain"


When will we elect Mike O'Brien mayor? Soon, I hope.
Interesting! thank you for keeping up with this!
btw, edits, 3rd para, third line "measures" not 'measure'. Last paragraph third line, I think you meant "that" instead of 'the'.
"Are 6,000 new units at this rental rate enough to turn around Seattle's housing affordability crisis?"

That's a fucking ridiculous rhetorical question.
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It isn't safe to increase density in many SF neighborhoods without mobility infrastructure. Packing people into neighborhoods without basic infrastructure is dangerous, according to the city.
The conditions in my neighborhood have not changed much, there is no plan to change it to a point that would accommodate the density you dream of, so fuck you.…
Seattle should just put up welcome signs that read "rich people welcome". This way we can keep raising the costs on developers so that we can take from the rich and give to the poor. The poor can't live close to the city so we are giving them more options. What about the people that aren't rich, and aren't poor? Middle class is getting screwed daily. City costs go up and middle class is pushed out. The city is only interested in the vote by the poor, and the rich that can afford all the raises in costs. The majority of people that can't afford to work in the city and live in the city but have too much money to be considered poor are forced to commute. Just stupid!
Why the continued insistence that Murray caved to Westneat, and not other pressure? I thought the Stranger was the only player in the advocacy "journalism" game. Or is this an attempt to frame the debate as the Stranger vs. the Times, rather than actual vested interests competing with each other, thus elevating your role in discourse?
@7 yea, those lucky poors, they've got it all.
If Ed Murray had a spine instead of just being a shrill martinet with his staff, he would have SCREAMED bloody murder when the Seattle Housing Authority quietly lined up a deal to sell SHA's land near the Othello Link Station to EB-5 peddling fraudster Lobsang Dargey.

That land can and should support more low income units, consistent with principles of transit oriented development, and in recognition of the fact that people in Seattle's poorest and highest minority area, D-2 , are at risk if getting displaced because of gentrification.

Nonetheless, SHA feels this part of South Seattle needs more MARKET RATE HOUSING, and Dargey was the perfect henchman to bring it on. If Murray really cared about liw income housing for low income people, he would have weighed on this piece of SHA fuckery. After the "Stepping Backward" fiasco, he should have realized that SHA needs to be watched like a hawk. Instead, Murray--who was MIA when poor people came at SHA in droves to fight against 400% rent increases--was either clueless, or in cahoots with SHA's dirty deed done in the basement to benefit Dargey and people who can afford market rate housing.…