These boots were made for killing mice!
These boots were made for killing mice! Kelly O

This happened in our office not even an hour ago. Sean Nelson first heard some noise on the side of Jen Graves's desk and discovered it was a mouse caught in a glue trap. What were we supposed to do? One thing: kill it. But how? I noticed a tennis racket behind Brendan Kiley's desk. But it's made of wood, and so I feared it wasn't hard enough to kill the thing with one blow. Dave Segal recommended I use a scissors and stab it, but I wanted an object that gave me some distance from the mouse.

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As I was working out all of this in my mind, Smith got a cardboard box, put the mouse inside of it, put a black plastic bag on the boxed mouse, raised his Dr.-Martens-shod right foot, and stomped the living daylights out of the little creature. I will never forget the sound of all its bones breaking all at once. I had no idea Smith had it in him, being a bookish type. He then took the dead mouse outside, fed it to the crows, and returned to the office a hero in my eyes.

This story ends with Smith playing on his laptop The Lion King's "Circle of Life."