There Was a Small Earthquake Near Mt. Saint Helens This Afternoon


We are all going to die.
There was a quake in Coulée City the other day. For all of our earthquake panty wetting, if Grand Coulée were to go, we really would be screwed (not that I think that Grand Coulée is particularly susceptible to an earthquake, but it's fun to play along at home. Also, don't blame me for that accent mark on Coulée)
It was a tectonic quake, not volcanic. That fault zone is regularly active. Of greater interest was a 4.3 yesterday or the day before just a few miles north of Grand Coulée Dam. A 4.3 eq is 12 times the size of a 3.1 pipsqueak.
@3 at the risk of sounding like a pompous jerk, it's actually greater than 12 times bigger. While any two quakes exactly 1.0 apart are a factor of 10 times bigger, that exponential growth is compounded when you get to numbers that are say 1.2 apart on the scale.

The logarithm to solve for the exponential growth actually makes it 15.848 times the size.
Don't worry, earthquake. No reports of me being felt either. ;)
@1: Yes, that is true, eventually.
@4 tsk tsk. You should know that reporting to five significant figures is a no-no, given the input numbers...

Wake me when there's a "cacophony of barking dogs and a long, suspended, what-was-that moment"... then I'll worry.

For about 15 seconds.