You Did Not Have to Stomp That Mouse to Death, Rich


What are you going to do with the now-freed mouse? Drive it out into the country and release it in a field near Carnation?
Pigeons are rats with wings. The box nest you should have purchased would have been for a Peregrine. It's the circle. The circle of life.

May I recommend a CNR cat for the Stranger office? Give him a place to hide with food and water during the day, and let him have run of the building at night.

Stomping the mouse wasn't much worse than, say, turning up her nest with the plough with an' weary winter comin fast.
Tells me that Rich Smith is a man who gets things done, dammit. Eff your feelings hippie, there is work to be done.
A better question is why you guys don't have exterminators visiting your offices and what crap you're leaving around that attracts all those rodents. Just one more reason for Tim to find a new home.
About on parents with his writing--shi**y.
The fact that Mr. Smith could have saved the mouse not only says something about Rick Smith and the essential brutishness beneath the facade of learning; it says something about the limitations of literature, the hypocrisy of Western Civilization, and the savagery of Colonialism.

That's pretty messed up, too. I'm sure that she had plans, and at the very least, she deserves an apology.
@8, she got over it pretty quickly.
Just get a shop cat. Cats are much more entertaining and so many are in need of homes.
@10, Dan's allergic. But they have cats lacking the common sneezy antigens now.…

Personally, I keep my two cats around because I'm allergic (it helps).
I would crush the mouse with a rock and then I would crush the rock WITH MY HANDS!!!

Cats iz kool.
That you think this shows something about his character shows something about your character. Specifically, that you're a whiny, judgmental fuck who would prefer to live among mouse turds.
Glue trap = cruel. A traitional spring loaded trap is much more humane. But assuming Rich came upon the situation with the deed done, the mouse trapped, his solution was quick, humane, pragmatic, and especially competent. What was he supposed to do, free the mouse and take it home for a bath, a meal, and a backrub?

Compare that to Brendan's disgusting, self-congratulatory, needlessly cruel, and most of all, deeply incompetent performance (because that's what it was, a performance) in his "urban hunt" piece.

Brendan is the blackest pot, throwing the heaviest stones, in the thinnest, most delicate glass house.

You suck.
15's got it right. Go with the snap trap not the glue trap if you care at all about the feelings of the mice you kill. If you can't handle killing a mouse at all then why did you put a fucking trap out in the first place? If you can't handle the death of a mouse be prepared for the breeding of the mouse that then leads to the massive infestation of mice. Rich did the right thing once it was in the glue trap but you should just get the snappers.